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Our citrus trees are blooming. The fragrance is tropical, similar to gardenias. The grapefruit tree still had a lot of unpicked fruit. I harvested 20 more grapefruit off it. I have a picker tool but these last fruit are mostly up higher and tucked into the branches. My picker tool got stuck a few times and it was hard to pull the fruit out. My efforts shook the tree and some blossoms fell off. I do not want the tree to lose blossoms, but there are still a lot left on the tree. The tangelo tree is really blooming, and I think we will get a big crop this year. Even the other orange tree that hasn’t bloomed for a couple years has some blossoms and a small bird’s nest. Speaking of bird’s nests, the Say’s phoebes continue their construction over our patio door. I hope they are successful this year.

The roadrunners haven’t been around. It could be that there is a lot of man-made construction going on near our community. A large earth moving project to build flood channels. There will be another housing project going in east of us. I hope the roadunners aren’t driven off permanently.

Blossoms tucked under leaves along with some fruit
A couple of large grapefruit found under some leaves
Tangelo has a lot of blossoms this year
Powder puff bush blooming

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Public Libraries Are Uplifting

“I think the public library system is one of the most amazing American institutions. Free for everybody. If you ever get the blues about the status of American culture there are still more public libraries than there are McDonald’s. During the worst of the Depression not one public library closed their doors.” ~ David McCullough

If we were having coffee, I would tell you I was sad to hear that a historian and author I admired had passed. David McCullough brought history alive for me with his books ‘1776’, ‘John Adams’, and ‘Truman’. David McCullough died August 7, 2022. I agree with this quote about libraries. They are amazing and uplifting places that nourish our minds and spirits. You get a library card for free and then can check out any book in the collection. I have recently gone back to the local library to check out several books. I have to be patient while the books requested are shipped to my local branch and need to return them within a specified length of time. I can extend the time with a renewal if no one is waiting for the book. My local library system has a lot of the latest popular fiction available, so I do not have to buy so many books. The only problem is I think I requested too many books this time and hope I will be able to renew some of them when they come due.

Book drop at a branch of my county library where you can return books

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Stepping Out

If we were having coffee, I would tell you I have resumed my daily walk accompanied by Google Fit which is counting my steps. I did a good loop around the community enjoying the sunshine. The temperature was below 90 F with a slight breeze, compatible with walking. I kept an eye out for roadrunners. I did see one at a distance heading into someone’s yard. I saw two fluffy white-tailed bunnies who quickly hopped away. On the way back I was admiring the green Palo Brea trees and almost missed the tiny hummingbird perched on a thin branch. He didn’t wait for me to take his photo.

Black-chinned hummingbird by Renee Grayson on Flickr.com

“When you see a black hummingbird, it signifies change, rebirth, and spiritual transformation. You can move to a higher realm of awakening. A black hummingbird also means that you might face a challenge that can bring setbacks in your life. If you are persistent and confident, you can overcome those setbacks.”

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Hummingbird quote via themindfool.com/hummingbird-meaning/

Spring On A Saturday Morning

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I am having a small cup of Peet’s French Roast this morning. But I don’t think I’ll finish it because it tastes too strong. That is probably because I haven’t drunk any coffee for about 3 months. I fell off the wagon and I am going back on the wagon. Don’t want to get the acid production to go into overdrive.

Spring is in full swing in the backyard. I did not think we would be getting a lot of grapefruit this year because there were hardly any blossoms on the tree. I thought it was because of pruning or the gusty wind we get that blew the flowers off. I was happy to find there is some new fruit on the tree. Even the fan palm has some fruit again. The roadrunners will be glad about that.

A pair of birds are building a nest in the top of our motorized patio screen. I spotted the birds flying to the top of our patio door carrying small bits of twigs in their beaks. It was hard to get a photo close up. I told my husband we can’t use the motorized screen for now. I worry we will scare them off going in and out the door as well.

The nest builder
Are you looking at me?

I looked all over and think I have identified this bird. You can’t see it’s colors in my photo, but from my own bird’s eye observations I think it is a Say’s Phoebe.

Say’s Phoebe by Jamie Chavez on Flickr.com

It’s been wonderful to watch the nest building this morning. Nature continues to renew even while human destruction tragically goes on. I believe that life and good will win in the end.

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Going Bananas

If we were having coffee, I would ask you if you have noticed lately that bananas go bad within a couple of days of coming home from the store? I end up with more bad ones than good ones. I usually eat one banana a day but still can’t eat them fast enough.

Overripe bananas

I have started to buy green bananas in hope that they will last longer. We bought a bunch today and I noticed they had a plastic wrap around the stem. I have heard that the plastic is there to keep the bananas from ripening too quickly. I hope it works.

Since Spring arrived, I have seen more roadrunners around the neighborhood. One visited our backyard the other day. I was able to get a photo through our patio door of the roadrunner on the wall. I look forward to getting more visits.

Roadrunner on neighbor’s wall

Even though it’s Spring the temperatures have been high this week. It’s supposed to get to 100 degrees F this afternoon. Cooler weather is forecast for next week, mid-seventies to mid-eighties.

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Dark Times

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that the events in Eastern Europe have made my own life’s worries seem small. Watching news reports here about what is unfolding. Sheer madness. I hope my country is supporting Ukraine as much as possible. The Ukrainians and their leaders are so brave.

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Featured image of ‘Sunflowers’ by Alessandro Caproni on Flickr.com

Pet Sitting

If we were having coffee, we would be in a different house. I am off visiting my son and family this weekend. My son and daughter-in-law have put us up in their newly furnished guest bedroom. They have made us feel very welcome and comfortable. Their pets have accepted us in their own unique ways. Marley, a golden retriever, bowled us over with sloppy kisses and hugs. Caesar the cat, was a bit put out, literally and figuratively. The guest bedroom is usually his room, where he can escape Marley and other unwanted attention. When I went in to put my suitcase down, he made a swift exit from the bed to the closet. I am happy that he has recovered from the intrusion. This morning he was back on top of the bed sitting on my husband’s suitcase calmly watching my comings and goings.

We are pet sitting for part of the week so my son’s family can get away for the long weekend. I was not sure how it would go with Marley. He hasn’t outgrown his puppyhood yet and is still jumping up on people. When I got up the other night to go to the bathroom, he thought it was time to play. When I went back to bed, he jumped on top of me. He is calmer today. I think Marley and Caesar are getting used to us and it will all be fine in the end.


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Featured image Open Clipart-Vectors via Pixabay.com

Rainy Day

If we were having coffee, I would be having herbal or decaf tea. I have given up coffee for a while because it was one of the things that was causing stomach problems. If you had asked me a few months ago if I thought I could stop drinking coffee, I would have said it would be very hard. It surprises me that it has been pretty easy. I don’t think I have had caffeine withdrawal she says as she falls asleep at the computer.

I made a resolution to get outside and walk every day and I have been sticking to it almost 100%. It does feel pretty good to go out and look at the trees, various cacti, flowers, and the beautiful expanse of sky over the Coachella Valley. I even like the dark grey clouds like the ones we had about a week ago that brought some rain with them.

So far it hasn’t really stormed here but we did get enough to soak our patio and one of the roadrunners. I spotted it up on a fence puffing up its feathers, trying to dry off.

Hawk on a lamp post as rain clouds start to clear away
Roadrunner puffing feathers to dry off after rain
Heather fluffs feathers too

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Like It Or Lump It

I thought by now we would all be looking in the rear-view mirror at the pandemic, but it continues to have a few tricks up it sleave. So here we are heading into another holiday season with a new variant. It’s having to worry about catching it, wearing masks, nervous about letting repair people into the house or getting too close to a stranger or slightly known acquaintance. I know some like to throw caution to the winds…

via giffy.com

And even though I feel like it sometimes, I don’t want to catch COVID or spread it to someone else. So, I don’t have to like it but, I will continue to take precautions and I hope you do too.

Hope you have Happy, Healthy, and Safe holidays!

Mill Rose Inn, Half Moon Bay, California

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Photo of Mill Rose Inn by Wonderlane on Flickr.com

Holiday Celebrations?

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I have to cut out caffeine for a while. And I haven’t found a good substitute for my morning coffee, (that doesn’t have caffeine in it). I can still offer you some good coffee or tea.

We are still in the middle of the pandemic and I am trying to figure out how to comfortably celebrate the holidays without risking infection. I felt more confident with get togethers around Thanksgiving because it was with close family who were all fully vaccinated. Now we have been invited to couple of holiday get-togethers in our community. We did go to one with our masks on and it felt awkward because many of the other people were not wearing masks. How are you supposed to eat and drink at a social gathering while wearing a mask? I am thinking that I will ask the host of the next party if she knows if the other guests are fully vaccinated. If she cannot be sure, I will wear a mask. It makes we wonder if it’s worth it to go in that case. We are just getting to know people here and it makes me feel a bit anti-social.

There is a damper on the holidays this year, with all the worry about another COVID surge and the new variant. I feel like scrooge or the grinch. Bah humbug!

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Grinch via Giphy.com