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A is for Apex-What Day Is It Anyway? April 1, 2020

The University of Washington projection for California to reach apex of cases is April 28.  New York is predicted to peak earlier on April 10. So in California we will have a ways to go with ‘stay at home.’ It will probably go further into May or until June. Hard to get my head around how long this is but in the beginning I felt 15 days would be a long time. Now we have gotten through that time. So need to take this one day at a time and someday we will be looking back from the finish line.

When I see the suffering in New York and how hard it is hitting the Healthcare providers I think that the requirement for all of us to maintain the social distancing is a small price to pay. New York mayor, Andrew Cuomo, has a press conference every day. He was very inspiring to me today saying we can’t let this virus change us so that we will be afraid to be close to each other when this is over. He talked about his fears for his younger brother who now has the virus. His words are important to New Yorkers and to us all.

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Featured image ‘Mount Brewer in Kings Canyon by Albert Bierstadt

Small Positives

My morning routine is to open my computer and review the news with toast and coffee on the side.  I spend more time with the news in the past week because of what we are enduring here. There is still a sense of unreality, what day is this, how long has thing been going on?  Recent sunshine encouraged me to get out and do some work in the back yard. something I can do while maintaining social distancing. I pulled up several dandelions and other assorted weeds, pulled out patches of dead woolly thyme, and trimmed back the low hanging branches of the Pyracantha. We discovered some unexpected residents near one of our front gates, a nest of bumblebees. I was a little wary until I read that they are not especially aggressive and will move out after a few months. I was excited to see bumblebees because I haven’t seen them in the yard for a long time and read that they are endangered. Some news this morning reminiscent of a dystopian movie, Coyotes are walking the streets in San Francisco 

I can hear a chickadee calling outside. The other day, my daughter and I had noticed some chickadees taking a bath in one of our planter pot saucers. She put some fresh water in it and left a few sunflower seeds too. One of the squirrels discovered the sunflower seeds and made quick work of them.

We had a Zoom virtual visit with our 3 year old grandson yesterday evening. That’s always a positive.

The hospital ship Mercy, with 1,000 beds, arrived in Los Angeles Friday and is ready to go.

Below some photos from the yard. You can’t see the bumblebees flying out from their nest because if I try to get close enough they chase me away.

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The New Normal

My husband and I have made some trips to the market this week. I thought I had a good system in place with grocery delivery but our local stores have been overwhelmed with orders and sent an email notice they were unable to fill my order. So we decided to head out to a local market earlier this week. I was a bit anxious of possible exposure to coronavirus but it turned out the store was almost empty of people and  stock. The bagger told me there had been a long line when the store opened that morning. It was disorienting to see empty shelves. We picked up what we could. No meat or chicken available but I found a few packages of fish. We had a couple of markets offer new ‘senior hours’ this week (7-8 AM) so we headed out for a second time. The first market had a long line filing in so we decided to try another that was not crowded. I was able to find a few more items I needed. I like the accommodation by markets for seniors and those with special needs. I am working on making do with what is available like non-fat milk.

I wrote this post prior to the news of the order from Governor Gavin Newsom that all the citizens in my beautiful state of California are ordered to shelter in place. From the LA Times:

“Gov. Gavin Newsom has ordered all Californians to stay at home….He also asked Congress for $1 billion to support the state’s medical response to the coronavirus, saying he expects more than half of all Californians — roughly 25.5 million — will be infected over an eight-week period [without mitigation efforts].”

God, what is happening to us?

The U.S. Navy hospital ship USNS Mercy is anchored off the coast of Manila, the Philippines. (U.S. Navy photo/Photographers Mate 2nd Class Troy Latham)

“Gov. Gavin Newsom has asked President Trump to immediately deploy a United States Navy hospital ship Mercy to the Port of Los Angeles to help beef up the health care delivery system in the region amid the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic.” (Los Angeles Daily News)

We can still go out to buy food. Our kids are nearby for which we are grateful. The prompt word today is ‘welcome’ but hard to write about that. The latest here is ‘unwelcome’ news.


Stream of Consciousness Saturday, #SOCS, is hosted by Linda G Hill. The prompt for this Saturday is ‘welcome.’


Foreign language was an entrance requirement for college and it still is. I did not study one in HIgh School and needed to take 2 years of it at a community college near where I lived. I should have taken Spanish for many practical reasons, like living in California, and Spanish seems easier to translate because many of the words are spelled like English words. But I thought French was romantic. It was very hard for someone who does not have a foreign language apptitude. I barely survived. The French language is very beautiful though and their way of saying things poetic. I still remember ‘le coucher du soleil,’ the setting of the sun. The sun goes to bed.

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Sail Away Alma

It’s nice to think about keeping cool with heat waves in many parts of the world. We are lucky so far here in Southern California. The temperatures have been climbing a bit but we still have a cool breeze. I expect the heat to get serious as the summer wears on. Good to be able to go to a lake or ocean beach when it is so hot and be sure to drink (non-alcoholic) liquids.  Make sure elderly family members and neighbors have access to enough water and a place to cool down. Nice to take my mind off of hot weather and look at an image of a sailboat on a bay with a cool breeze filling its sails, and flags fluttering. I love the photo of ‘Alma’, a historic 1891 scow schooner that sailed around San Francisco Bay delivering cargo in the old days. She now resides at the San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park after being restored and declared a National Historic Landmark in 1988. I think she has fore-and-aft rigging, which is when the sails run parallel to the keel and not perpendicular. All I know is, she is a beauty from bow to stern.

Scow schooner Alma on San Francisco Bay by NPS

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Featured image ‘Bow-on shot of 1891 scow schooner Alma sailing on San Francisco Bay with Alcatraz Island in the background,’ San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park, photo by NPS (National Park Service)

Let The Sunshine In

Glorious sunny California day, 78 degrees with clear blue sky and a nice breeze. Oh, if it only would stay this way all summer, but the thermometer usually climbs much higher.



La La Land- Another Day of Sun via The Last Unicorn on You Tube

Happy Thanksgiving

Thinking about all those displaced by the California wildfires and hope they find homes, family, and friends to share the holiday season.  It is raining today in Northern California and we expect the rain to come here as well. It will be good to get all the smoke out of the air.

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

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