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Happy New Year

This year has flown by so fast. Makes me want to pledge to be more mindful of each new day no matter what distractions may come. Wishing all a bright New Year filled with hope, health, and happiness!

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Little Bits Of Joy

The news of the world has been so bleak and then there are the personal stresses of my life. Finding myself saying ‘Oh, no!!’  and feeling down. I need to focus on all the little bits of joy, gather them up, and hold them close like a soft cozy blanket. Even though I feel my grief for world as well.

Looking out my kitchen window to see a hummingbird flitting around the sage

Photos of my grandson

Clear blue California sky

Green leaves sparkling in sunlight

Cry of a yellow tail hawk flying above me

There is still good in the world.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday, #SOCS, is hosted by Linda G Hill.  The prompt word for today is ‘oh.’ Use it as a word for find a word that starts with ‘oh.’

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Good Taste

I find that in this time of my life I appreciate even more my sense of taste when it comes to food. My daughter and I are picky about the quality of the coffee we drink at our house. Seems we are both into the robust flavor of dark roast coffee. I like mine with a little milk added. Coffee is part of my daily morning ritual. The coffee is made as soon as I get into the kitchen. Must have two cups to start my day. My husband purchased a new coffee grinder but I find it is only as good as the coffee you put in it. And we can find really good already ground fresh coffee at local stores. When I have my morning cup of coffee started, along with some toast, I am ready to peruse the morning papers online. The news has been very engaging lately, but can leave a bad taste in my mouth.

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Where To?

“Where should I go?-Alice “That depends on where you want to end up.”-The Cheshire Cat”

I have been researching my family tree for a little over a year. I did not know very much about my ancestors and never imagined where my search would take me. I have gotten lost in many rabbit holes along the way and I can not see where it will end. I have learned a lot. Lately, I have been tracing some of those who were early pioneers of Nova Scotia. The people in those days often had many children and I am finding that many families are interconnected in that many married couples are made up of cousins of mine on both sides. It seems like if your family has ancestors from Nova Scotia they are probably related to me. I get so engrossed in the research that I can spend hours doing it. My daughter can’t understand why I am so devoted to this and says we are all related anyway, like everyone in the world, which is what I have thought too. I think I am starting to find out it is really true.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday, #SOCS, is hosted by Linda G Hill. The prompt word for today is “where.” Start your post with the word “where” and write whatever comes to you. Bonus points if you end your post with “where” too.

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Ancestors On The Edges

I continue to be engrossed in genealogy research, looking for the clues that weave my ancestors together into a sturdy cloth. But lately I find myself assembling only the edges of the puzzle. I have more of the frame or boarder than the parts that fill in the center sections. So I just want to appreciate what I am learning about the history of the people who lived in those long ago times. I bet in those olden days many women did more practical weaving like cloth for their families clothes.

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Stream of Consciousness Saturday, #SOCS, is hosted by Linda G. Hill. Today’s prompt word is ‘frame.’

You Takes It Or Leaves It

What did the caterpillar say to the butterfly?  “I’m turning over a new leaf.”

I would like to leave off a few things around here, like household chores. It would be nice to give up dish washing ,cleaning bathrooms, laundry and folding clothes. I do have a dishwasher (machine) but I wash off the dishes before loading them in, and it seems like there are always more dirty dishes piling up in the sink. I did do a new chore this past week, sweeping up some dead leaves in my yard and trimming the leaves and branches off some of the bushes. It was more satisfying that the household chores I mentioned, being outside on a not too hot sunny day with a cool breeze blowing. Wish it would stay like this all summer.

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Accidentally, I dropped the glass lid of a large pan on my tile kitchen floor just as I was finishing up the dinner dishes. Oh joy! I got to clean up this pile of broken glass and its pieces that spread out from the point of impact to the next room. I am thinking, could the glass lids of these pans be made in a way to prevent breakage like this? (Well, that was not not my first thought, which was probably oh shit! ) I did some quick research and my lid could have been ‘tempered glass’ which is supposed to break in smaller pebble-like pieces and not so many shards. I have swept, vacuumed, and swiffered up the evidence before taking a photo, but I think the glass did break into smaller pieces and stayed together mostly, except for the pieces that got loose and flew everywhere. I wish they could make a glass lid that is really shatterproof.

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