Life Goes On

Still adjusting to life almost post Covid. Our governor just tested positive recently. Just when I was thinking of giving up my mask while in crowds. A question in an LA Times newsletter last week, ‘How has your life changed since March 2020?’ I would say my life is more internal. It still takes an effort to do outside things. Although, I have always had a more interior life being an introvert. I do enjoy solitude and solitary pursuits. My writing voice has been almost muted.

I have been slowly emerging, taking tentative steps. A book club meeting without a mask, a road trip to San Diego. Maybe I can write more.

When I look out my patio window, I see the nesting birds are returning. I see their forays to take bits of nesting materials up to the top of our patio door, just like last Spring. Life goes on.

Say’s Phoebe by Renee Grayson

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16 thoughts on “Life Goes On


    Covid is very much with us still isn’t it. My daughter had her fourth Covid a few weeks ago and this weekend my grandson has given it to my son and daughter-in-law and they are feeling rough. I think most people are going out and about, but I know others who have yet to venture into a building! Not exactly world shattering development, but our camera club has changed completely with not many meetings in the church hall and lots of Zoom and outdoor meets.

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  2. Denyse Whelan Blogs

    That is a lovely take on where we all are now around the world. We stopped wearing masks indoors and at the Drs when the doctors did. We have not had Covid (fingers crossed) although most of our family has. We were fortunate to have Vax #5 on Friday. We are in Australia. Denyse

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  3. Marsha

    We are pretty much over Covid restrictions here in AZ even in doctors’ offices. the pandemic had a major impact on life around the world as nothing else in my long lifetime. Your bird photo is alluring.

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    1. Deborah Drucker Post author

      It is still hard for me to get my head around it, all the people that were impacted. I lost a brother. I feel fortunate to have not been infected and the rest of my family made it through. The photographer caught a sweet image of Say’s Phoebe.

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      1. Marsha

        I’m so sorry you lost a brother. It is hard to get our heads wrapped around it. So many people who hadn’t been sick at all, and poof, they were gone. It was devastating. We were lucky and didn’t lose anyone in our immediate family. I hope you are getting some lovely weather where you are to cheer us up and help us get out again.

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