Holiday Celebrations?

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I have to cut out caffeine for a while. And I haven’t found a good substitute for my morning coffee, (that doesn’t have caffeine in it). I can still offer you some good coffee or tea.

We are still in the middle of the pandemic and I am trying to figure out how to comfortably celebrate the holidays without risking infection. I felt more confident with get togethers around Thanksgiving because it was with close family who were all fully vaccinated. Now we have been invited to couple of holiday get-togethers in our community. We did go to one with our masks on and it felt awkward because many of the other people were not wearing masks. How are you supposed to eat and drink at a social gathering while wearing a mask? I am thinking that I will ask the host of the next party if she knows if the other guests are fully vaccinated. If she cannot be sure, I will wear a mask. It makes we wonder if it’s worth it to go in that case. We are just getting to know people here and it makes me feel a bit anti-social.

There is a damper on the holidays this year, with all the worry about another COVID surge and the new variant. I feel like scrooge or the grinch. Bah humbug!

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11 thoughts on “Holiday Celebrations?

  1. Gary A Wilson

    I’m beginning to hate masks. I’ve heard just as many reasons why masks are a waste of time as reasons they are keeping us alive. They are intrusive and ruin my enjoyment of any social gathering, but I try to wear one most of the time unless I know there is someone who suffers anxiety if they see someone without a mask – which frustrates me – which ruins the event for me, so maybe I just shouldn’t go – bla – bla. I don’t know the answer to this. There are places where masks are rare and the population is surviving and covid death rates seem to be dropping. I don’t know of there’s a political agenda involved with all the pressure on us and our businesses to mask up – but I’m sick of it all.

    But on the other hand, Christmas is almost upon us and our kids will all be home soon. Masks will not be invited and we’ll love being together again.


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  2. JoAnna

    It is confusing and awkward about the masks. I don’t mind wearing one, especially one with a picture on it. But it’s virtually impossible for me to sing at church with a mask on bc I can’t get enough air in. So, our choir is not masked and two of the eight are unvaccinated, which is strange. I think the choir should take a break after Christmas.

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    1. Deborah Drucker Post author

      It is hard for me to breath in them too. It is scary to me to be around unvaccinated people. And I probably am when I go into public, like at the grocery store. Some of those customers are probably not vaccinated. That’s why is bothers me to see people in the store without masks on too.

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  3. Susanne

    I hear you about the Covid worry! I don’t take the risk of going to any social events right now because there’s too much evidence of waning immunity and I’m still waiting for my booster vaccine. But I was in town yesterday and we visited the local whiskey distillery and had a chat with the lads who work in the shop, and tasted some new whiskeys. We were basically the only people in there. That’s the only level I socialise so far!
    It certainly is frustrating with this uncertainty. I always use a mask in any indoor area (except at home, of course!), and yesterday I only took it off to taste the whiskey. I get very uneasy if people don’t wear masks. Here it’s obligatory in shops and similar places so, luckily, it’s rare to see people without masks in such places. Sadly it looks like we’ll have to use them for quite some time yet, so I’m going to make some of my own that are more comfortable than those I’ve bought. I hope you find a way to celebrate Christmas safely.

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    1. Deborah Drucker Post author

      Sounds like we’re in the same boat. I understand about your concern with waning immunity. Hope boosters are available to you soon. It’s good masks are obligatory there. Wishing you Happy Holidays as well.


  4. Natalie

    Thank you Deborah for your coffee share. There is one more link-up next week on Dec. 17 before a short break. I hope to see you again then. If not, happy holidays to you and your family! Weekend Coffee Share will return on January 7th. Stay safe and well.

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