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Fast and Slow Motion

Even though I can appear stationary, I have been racing around inside. A restlessness because of feeling at loose ends. I think it is related to my moving into a new stage of life. I have been transitioning away from having a work life. And now that I don’t have a lot of stuff I have to do,  to distract me, I have to come face to face with myself. I have decided that is what this part of my journey is about. Taking stock of what my life has been and now setting off on a new adventure… the exploration of this new, unknown territory. But I think I am ready to begin. There are no guideposts, maps, or operating instructions. You have to figure it out for yourself. So I am taking it one step at a time.

Spider Meadows, Glacier Peak by Andy Porter

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is hosted by Linda G Hill. The prompt word for today ‘movement’ However, don’t use the word “movement.” Choose some sort of movement, and base your post on that. Enjoy!

Featured image “Lipan Point, South Rim, Grand Canyon National Park” by Adam Schallau US Dept of the Interior on Flickr. Spider Meadows Image from US Dept of State on Flickr. Both images part of National Wilderness Month Album from 9/2017.


Going Batty

untitled  Bat Townsend's Big Eared Bat via wikipedia

“She’s got bats in the belfry, squirrels in the attic, owls up in the loft. She’s apeshit, bughouse, batty, mad as a march hare”                 –by gramaticon

Bats are interesting. I have heard their echolocating  cries in the evening. They do eat insects which helps control the insect population. I am glad we do not have any in our attic or any nearby belfries however.

When I first started posting daily for NaBloPoMo and Nano Poblano I thought I would go batty. I have gotten a bit less batty lately coping with the demands of writing.

I do attempt to read others blogs and courteously check in on most of the people who like mine. It has been nice to meet some new blogger friends.

One of my goals has been to connect with other writers and I think these events have helped.

So thanks to all the bloggers who have visited, liked and commented on my blog. Hope you keep visiting and I get to know you better. And welcome to anyone who may not have visited yet.

7277313236_439d933437_o  Anny Ahlers



SoCS-Memento Means Remember

The origin of the word memento was, according to Thesaurus.com, from “c.1400…in the Canon of the Mass which began with the Latin word memento and in which the dead are commemorated.” The Latin word memento means remember.  The English definition is: an object that reminds us of a person or event.  Two synonyms for the word memento are a souvenir and curio.

We have a curio cabinet that belonged to my husband’s maternal grandmother, Nana. We acquired it when she died several years ago. Some of the items we kept in it were hers or gifts from her as well. The cabinet and some of its contents are our mementos of her.

When we were putting in new floors in the living room the furniture was being moved around and the curio cabinet tipped over and the mirror inside shattered. I was upset because this cabinet meant something to me.

It has been lying on its back on an old table ever since while we try to decide what to do with it. My daughter said it looked like it was waiting for surgery. A brother-in-law said it looked like a coffin. This evening I did have some candles on top of it for Halloween which goes along with the coffin image.

The broken curio cabinet reminds me how fragile things are and that they do not last forever. Although I may not always have this memento of Nana we will still have our memories of her and her love.




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SoCS It’s All a Matter of Degree

Climate change is often in the news and on our minds. Especially if you have senses to be aware of the changes in the weather. Here in California we are aware of the lack of rain and the length of our summers which can extend far into autumn. Our air conditioning bills are increasing. The Salton Sea is drying up. I have read that Southern species of birds are moving North and competing with local birds. Can we and the creatures that share our planet adapt to the changes wrought by changes of climate?

Some encouraging news in this post I read from Smithsonian is that some species are showing the capacity to adapt and are doing so.  This is a counterpoint to all the doom and gloom.

I have told myself to not let all the bad news get me down. We can not see the future and, although I believe we need to address global warming, that all outcomes may not be as bad as we fear.

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Smithsonian article link below:

Can evolution save species from death by climate change? Maybe. Kinda. #ItsComplicated.