If You Could Read My Mind

Have you ever thought you have psychic abilities? I definitely have ESP with my family, thinking the same thing at the same time or thinking of them just before they call on the phone. It can’t be attributed to coincidence because it happens too often in my life. When it happens I say we are on the same wave length. Not in the sense that we are of similar opinions, but are tuned into this invisible channel that transmits our thoughts to each other. A medium claims to pick up transmissions from the dead. I am a bit skeptical about that, but when we are very close to someone maybe we can still be on the same frequency even after we’re gone. 

Stream of Consciousness Saturday, #SOCS, is hosted by Linda G Hill. The prompt word for today is ‘medium.’

Featured image ‘Psychic’ by Eden, Janine and Jim on Flickr.com 

Gordon Lightfoot ‘If You Could Read My Mind’ via fab70smusic on YouTube

10 thoughts on “If You Could Read My Mind

  1. rolandclarke

    My family have that ‘EDP’ knack of knowing what someone else is going to say…ring…do………….sometimes. We used to say, ‘telepathy’. But I suspect like you say, “…when we are very close to someone maybe we can still be on the same frequency…”
    Or as the great Gordon Ligthfoot sings, “If You Could Read My Mind’.

    When I went to college in Canada in the early 70s, I discovered his wonderful music and listened to it often. I even saw him in concert, which was amazing. Your post led me to a best of his live clips – many my favourites, including: The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

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  2. Deborah Drucker Post author

    Yes, your family had the same experience. I listened to Gordon Lightfoot as well. I do remember ‘The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald,’ sad. I think it was on one of the Great Lakes that they sank. Thank you, Roland.

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  3. JoAnna

    I definitely believe we have the potential for knowing things that cannot be seen with our eyes, that come in a different way beyond our conscious understanding. Fascinating topic, and what a great song!

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