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Three Coins In A Fountain

My daughter’s painting of Sienna evokes a dream of travel to Italy.  The trip would have to include a tour of Rome. One stop there might be Trevi fountain. The legend of the fountain is that if you throw 3 coins into it, the first coin promises you will return to Rome, the second means that you will find romance, and the third coin guarantees you will be married.  Sounds better than online dating. The legend inspired the classic film and song ‘Three Coins in the Fountain.’ The film is a light romance about three American women who find love and marriage in Rome.

Our dream of trips are on hold right now. I know it will not be forever. We don’t have to give up our dreams.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday, #SOCS, is hosted by Linda G Hill. Your prompt is the title and/or the lyrics of the first song that comes to mind when you look at the picture. 

Toss Up

It will be a toss up between sheltering at home in the house or out in the backyard for this July 4th, the American day of Independence. I’m ok with a subdued holiday being not one for big gatherings even when we are not in the middle of an epidemic. Not a happy holiday for us in America this year. It’s been a little over 3 months since we started ‘shelter in place’ in California. I am now used to having my groceries delivered or doing curb side pick up. The libraries are still closed to patrons but we can do curbside pick up there as well. I just signed up for an online exercise class. I have been very sedentary. What would we do without our computers and the internet. I continue to discover more about my ancestors with genealogy research. Recently looked back at some who lived in New York in the early 1800s. It bothers me when I can’t find out what happened to them though. A daughter of my 5th Great Uncle was named Eramina. She was born about 1808. The only way I know she existed is from an Abstract of Wills of Delaware County (1834).  On a title page it lists the names of the uncle’s children. So I know when she was born but so far I can not find out any other information about her. I can try to imagine what her life was like. She would have been a tot during the War of 1812. She would not have heard the battle near Baltimore at Fort McHenry.

Artist’s depiction of Bombardment of Fort McHenry via Wikimedia.org

She lived in Middletown, Delaware County, New York.

Delaware County by Doug Kerr on Flickr.com

I wonder if she ever heard ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ sung.

We won’t watch fireworks displays this year but I don’t mind that. I can put up with the restrictions on my life right now especially when I know it is preventing the spread of infection. The choice to maintain these restrictions to help stamp out the infection or being reckless is not a toss up.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday, #SOCS,  is hosted by Linda G Hill. The prompt word for today is ‘toss.’



Speak To Me Flirty

“I was so enchanted by your beauty that I ran into that wall over there. So I am going to need your name and number for insurance purposes.” -A.J. Baker

The lady thinks: Cute line. Isn’t it romantic and witty. Love an intelligent  guy with a sense of humor. I hope he’s on the level. Should I take a chance? 

He says: “Would you like to get a drink? I know a quiet café not far from here.”

She says: ” It’s raining outside.”

He says: ” I brought an umbrella.”

Stream of Consciousness Saturday, #SOCS, is hosted by Linda G Hill. Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “coffee, tea, or me.” Find a flirty phrase of your own or use “coffee, tea, or me” in your post. 

Featured image of ‘romantic love abstract’ by Claudia Dea on Flickr.com

Flirty Quote found on wiseoldsayings.com

ZZ Trivia

Many ‘zz’ words are in the category of onomatopoeia, words that come from a sound associated with the thing they represent. Words like buzz, fizzy, sizzle and then my examples fizzle out. There used to be flavored soda drink tablets called Fizzies® that you dissolved in a glass of water and voila you got a glass of soda. They made a fizzy sound while melting. An abandoned health resort in California near the Majave National Preserve was called Zzyzx. Curtis H. Springer picked the name because he wanted it to be the last word in the English dictionary. That designation has been taken by zyzzyva in many dictionaries. You may wonder what is a zyzzyva? It is a South American weevil and a literary magazine based in San Francisco. It would be nice to be published in the latter.

Zzyzx Rd exit sign by Vezoy via Wikimedia.org

Stream of Consciousness Saturday, #SOCS, is hosted by Linda G Hill. Today’s prompt is ‘zz’, a word that has ‘zz’ in it.

Featured image of a ‘Zyzzyva’ via Matthew Fang on Flickr.com


Number One Fan Of The Little Guy

Gavin and Meme hang out

I am a big fan of this little guy. Probably have to stand in line for Number One fan status with his other grandparents, my husband, and my daughter. We have been distancing since the beginning of ‘stay at home’ so just starting to have a visit with him up a little closer again. My daughter, Kate, caught this cute candid photo. Lifts my spirits to see him.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday, #SOCS, is hosted by Linda G Hill. The prompt for today is  “fan.” Use it by itself or find a word that starts or ends with it. 

Choose To Witness

“Grief must be witnessed,” said Kessler, the grief expert. “We want to know our loved ones’ life and death mattered. We want our family and friends to witness it, our community and we need our country to witness it. And it’s not happening on any level.” -David Kessler (LA Times)

Do you choose to turn away from the suffering and the over 90,000 deaths from coronavirus in this country? The flags are lowered in the US capitol this weekend to honor all those deaths. One of the dead is my younger brother John Barry. I try to tell myself those flags are lowered for him too. I am not able to view his body or have a funeral service because of the pandemic. I was able to see him on skype right before and up to his death. If this is the new normal, I want none of it. I want to have some kind of memorial for my brother in the future when his family can gather safely. I want there to be some kind of permanent memorial for him. I want the world to know he mattered.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday, #SOCS, is hosted by Linda G Hill

Quote from article in LA Times, Little sense of shared grief as virus deaths near 100,000 by Noah Bierman and Eli Stokols

Let’s Get Back To The Old Normal

I want to go back to the old normal. I know that probably is not possible. Will we be on ‘stay at home’ status for 3 more months? Hopefully, it will be phased out slowly over these next few months. In LA County we are supposed to wear masks when outside if any chance of contact with another human. I have been wearing a mask when I open the door for my grocery delivery. I don’t have to open the door unless I have ordered wine, then I need to show my ID. Most times the delivery person tells me not to worry about it. The delivery people have masks on as well. We can get deliveries from Costco which means TP and just recently, paper towels. Yay!

My brother is recovering from coronavirus. He was lucky to have a milder case.  But it is still not back to normal at the Nursing Home and I worry he is not getting enough support. They are moving residents around like musical chairs because their numbers of positive test results are still rising. They are working to separate those residents with positive test results from those who are negative. More staff have tested positive as well. My brother is now out of isolation but not back in his old room and the Wi-fi is not good where he is. The social workers have been trying to help us. One of them visited my brother today. They had only one Skype visit while he was in isolation because of the poor internet connections in the facility. They really have to work on that. There is one iPad and one portable phone for the residents in his section. They have a waiting list for the iPad and I have been told the connection for it is not so great either.

In the old normal I would be able to visit him in person. I would have easier access to talk with him on the phone.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday, #SOCS, is hosted by Linda G Hill. The prompt word is “want.” Make the word “want” the first, second, or third word of your post. 

Featured image ‘Water Lily in Bloom’ via National Park Service Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens

Easing Up Slowly

We have been on ‘stay at home’ status for how long? Time feels lost in another dimension. I don’t feel like I have been stuck in a cave, because I can go out in my yard or around the neighborhood without fear. And I don’t think our Governor or health officials should cave in on their rules for re-opening our state.

California starts to open up. Now we have to decide when we feel comfortable going back into society. We can now go out for curbside pick up at more businesses, and lower risk workplaces can re-open.  Los Angeles County does have the highest number of cases in the state. Closer to home we received an email from one of our local stores telling us one of their employees tested positive for coronavirus. Just in case we get lulled into a sense of false security, it is still out there. Dr. Barbara Ferrer ,the LA County Public Health Director, says ‘expect to see more cases as we open up.’ it is still out there.

To the protestors who do not want to follow any precautions in places that still have outbreaks I say, ” Do you live in a cave? Are you not watching the news about all the people dying, ( and not all are elderly with pre-existing conditions). Have you not seen the Nurses and Doctors and other healthcare workers on the news talking about the hell it is in their communities and hospitals? ”

I can tell you from personal experience that Nursing Homes are still being impacted right now. My brother resides in one and has contracted the virus. He has been holding his own. Communication with him has been difficult. We can talk by the facility portable phone for short periods and he has Skype on his computer but the wi-fi has been spotty. The Nursing Home has started to get a good system going for scheduling communication with family now.

We are advised not to get together with our families for Mother’s Day. We will all celebrate together when this is over.



For a little help relaxing from Santa Barbara Botanic Garden on You Tube:

Stream of Consciousness Saturday, #SOCS, is hosted by Linda G Hill. The prompt word for today is ‘cave,’ use it as a noun or verb.

Featured image ‘Joshua Tree National Park’ photo by Christopher Michel on Wikimedia.org



Directions For Life

‘Apply product all over hands until dry’ and you will be protected from coronavirus. Maybe if you drink it you will be cured according to our President. ***Please don’t drink hand sanitizer or any other chemicals made for disinfecting your hands or surfaces.*** I do not feel like babbling on about how great I am doing during the pandemic and all the great home projects I have going like some people. I hate this pandemic. I hate that careless people allowed it to escape into the world and hurt so many people. Am I supposed to understand that people eat bats or whatever way this has been unleashed on us all. My brother tested positive for coronavirus. F**k coronavirus.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday, #SOCS, is hosted by Linda G Hill. Today’s prompt is  “directions.” Find a household cleaner/bottle of shampoo/something in the freezer/anything you can find with instructions on it, then copy down a single direction (just one) on how to use/cook/etc. your chosen thing, and make it the first line or word of your post. Then keep writing whatever comes out. 

Featured image, ‘Ocean storm near Cape Lookout’ by Dee Brausch. Oregon Dept. of Transportation on Flickr.com

Value Each Person

My younger brother has Multiple Sclerosis and has resided in a Nursing Home for many years because he needs care. His is intelligent and his mind is unaffected. I have been worried that he could be vulnerable to infection but so far no one at his facility had signs of COVID-19 until yesterday. One of the residents was transferred to the hospital and tested positive for Coronavirus. Pretty early in the outbreak here in California his Nursing Home closed to any visitors. I understood and accepted this precaution but I was concerned about my brother feeling more isolated and frightened. I was able to set up Skype between our computers with the help of the Social Worker there. I have been able to talk with him over Skype and we can see each other. Of course I am more worried now for him. I thanked the Charge Nurse today for being there. I received a call later in the day that they were moving him closer to the Nursing station so they could keep him under closer observation. I asked that they help him get signed onto the internet so he could watch programs or listen to music.

I wrote a post for Friday about the possible rationing of ventilators and ICU beds if our hospitals have a surge of patients. Remember that all these patients are individuals of value and probably have families who care about them. They are not just a statistic that fits into an age category or medical diagnosis. They might be someone with a pre-existing condition but that does not mean we can easily write them off and not care.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday, #SOCS, is hosted by Linda G Hill Prompt for today is a word that starts with or contains ‘val.’

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Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2020

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