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More Power

More power to the people. This sounds like a slogan for the oppressed but I am talking about electrical power. We have had 4 power outages in 24 hours. One was just as I finished cleaning up the dinner dishes and found myself standing in a pitch black room. I made my way over to the cupboard where we keep the flashlights and first found one with dead batteries. My husband had another outside with him, but eventually I found one that worked. We are heading into a heat wave this weekend and not looking forward to more outages. There was one nice effect of living by flashlight. We set up 2 little flash lights in our bedroom and I really liked the softer light in our room. Makes me want to find lamps or light bulbs with softer light. The flashlight is such an important device. It was invented by David Misell in 1899. A bright idea!

I am ready for the next blackout

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Checking In

Each morning I check my email and read one or two newspapers online. Not every word but I skim through and pick out a few articles. The LA Times has a Coronavirus newsletter. We are stuck in place here waiting for some good news. They say it will take a couple of weeks to see if the steps taken now will slow the virus. We seem to take one step forward and two steps back. I know I am lucky to have a roof over me ,enough food, and my health so far. I have gotten very tired of washing dishes, though. I always found housework very tedious, but what am I complaining about. I am alive, I can read books, look out at my backyard and see the hummingbirds that visit the sage bushes every day, do some genealogy research, take walks with my daughter, and do online exercise. I even ordered some dumbbell weights, small ones. You’ll have to check back with me later to see how I am progressing with the exercise. I am starting with the little blue ones.

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Links In A Long Chain

“We are stardust, we are golden,
We are billion year old carbon,
And we got to get ourselves back to the garden.”-Crosby, Stills, Nash &Young

As billion year old carbon our connections go way, way, back in the universe. I look for something to sustain me during this long epidemic in inspirational books. I just finished one by Jack Kornfield. In it he mentions that we are breathing in molecules from Julius Caesar’s last breath because the molecules were dispersed throughout the earth’s air. Better than breathing in a virus. So far away from ‘the garden,’ were we ever really meant to live in Eden? What can sustain us now? In Nazi concentration camps, people wrote poetry, and hid it in the walls.  Just like ancient molecules, written words passed down connect us. We are part of all who have come before, links in a long chain. ‘We are stardust, we are golden.’

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Three Coins In A Fountain

My daughter’s painting of Sienna evokes a dream of travel to Italy.  The trip would have to include a tour of Rome. One stop there might be Trevi fountain. The legend of the fountain is that if you throw 3 coins into it, the first coin promises you will return to Rome, the second means that you will find romance, and the third coin guarantees you will be married.  Sounds better than online dating. The legend inspired the classic film and song ‘Three Coins in the Fountain.’ The film is a light romance about three American women who find love and marriage in Rome.

Our dream of trips are on hold right now. I know it will not be forever. We don’t have to give up our dreams.

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Number One Fan Of The Little Guy

Gavin and Meme hang out

I am a big fan of this little guy. Probably have to stand in line for Number One fan status with his other grandparents, my husband, and my daughter. We have been distancing since the beginning of ‘stay at home’ so just starting to have a visit with him up a little closer again. My daughter, Kate, caught this cute candid photo. Lifts my spirits to see him.

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Choose To Witness

“Grief must be witnessed,” said Kessler, the grief expert. “We want to know our loved ones’ life and death mattered. We want our family and friends to witness it, our community and we need our country to witness it. And it’s not happening on any level.” -David Kessler (LA Times)

Do you choose to turn away from the suffering and the over 90,000 deaths from coronavirus in this country? The flags are lowered in the US capitol this weekend to honor all those deaths. One of the dead is my younger brother John Barry. I try to tell myself those flags are lowered for him too. I am not able to view his body or have a funeral service because of the pandemic. I was able to see him on skype right before and up to his death. If this is the new normal, I want none of it. I want to have some kind of memorial for my brother in the future when his family can gather safely. I want there to be some kind of permanent memorial for him. I want the world to know he mattered.

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Quote from article in LA Times, Little sense of shared grief as virus deaths near 100,000 by Noah Bierman and Eli Stokols

My Younger Brother

“There are some griefs so loud/They could bring down the sky/And there are griefs so still/None knows how deep they lie.” ~ May Sarton

My brother John died suddenly May 19, 2020 just when we thought he had overcome the coronavirus. I was with him on Skype when he died. I am comforted that he was not not alone and was not in pain.


Let’s Get Back To The Old Normal

I want to go back to the old normal. I know that probably is not possible. Will we be on ‘stay at home’ status for 3 more months? Hopefully, it will be phased out slowly over these next few months. In LA County we are supposed to wear masks when outside if any chance of contact with another human. I have been wearing a mask when I open the door for my grocery delivery. I don’t have to open the door unless I have ordered wine, then I need to show my ID. Most times the delivery person tells me not to worry about it. The delivery people have masks on as well. We can get deliveries from Costco which means TP and just recently, paper towels. Yay!

My brother is recovering from coronavirus. He was lucky to have a milder case.  But it is still not back to normal at the Nursing Home and I worry he is not getting enough support. They are moving residents around like musical chairs because their numbers of positive test results are still rising. They are working to separate those residents with positive test results from those who are negative. More staff have tested positive as well. My brother is now out of isolation but not back in his old room and the Wi-fi is not good where he is. The social workers have been trying to help us. One of them visited my brother today. They had only one Skype visit while he was in isolation because of the poor internet connections in the facility. They really have to work on that. There is one iPad and one portable phone for the residents in his section. They have a waiting list for the iPad and I have been told the connection for it is not so great either.

In the old normal I would be able to visit him in person. I would have easier access to talk with him on the phone.

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Featured image ‘Water Lily in Bloom’ via National Park Service Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens

One Liner Wednesday, May 13, 2020–Endurance

“In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.”-Albert Camus

‘Los Angeles County’s stay-at-home orders will “with all certainty” be extended for the next three months, county Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer…’  This to be gradually relaxed under a five-step plan. (May 12, 2020  L A Times)

I question my ability to endure this but tell myself ‘one day at a time.’

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We Are Starting To Re-Open

Governor Newsom announced that we will start to re-open some businesses in California which began this past Friday. This is the start of a 4 phase plan. We may not get fully open until August or September. We are starting because we have had a steady decline in weekly deaths. Doesn’t that sound terrible to say, weekly death rate.  I don’t feel like running out to public places just yet. I don’t mind walking around the neighborhood. It will take time to feel comfortable again. Those who are older are advised to stay at home for now, ( I think I am in that category). When we do go out we will have to continue distancing and wear masks. I think we will not feel anywhere close to normal until next year. I hope we will get back to normal by then. Don’t know when my brother’s Nursing Home will re-open to visitors. It will take a while for those affected to recover and be clear of infection and they don’t want anyone to reintroduce anything to the facility. I just want my brother to continue to get better and hope to be able to visit and take him outside in the future.

There are still  parts of the US that are in the throws of the epidemic and the numbers of people lost are predicted to climb in the country as a whole. There are still many people who are sick and families worried about them.

I have spoken with my brother via Skype pretty much every day. Some days the connection is pretty good. Today his audio was bad again but he could hear me. He is feeling better but still weak and gets tired easily. His appetite is low but he is doing better eating. There has been an increase in positive cases at his Nursing Home. He says his CNAs ( Certified Nursing Assistants), recently, are people he has known for many years. I think it makes him feel good that they are taking care of him. He says everyone has been nice.

I will see my son, my daughter-in-law, and little grandson for Mother’s Day out on our front patio. Even though it probably sounds sad, we love seeing them even at a distance.

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