Hope For the New Year

At the start of a new year, it feels like more of the same. Except now we have had booster shots and purchased KN95 masks. A recent NY Times newsletter described it as being in pandemic purgatory. I really liked the description and when I googled it found out it has been used more than once in other news articles. So not sure who to credit the term to. Only to say to whoever it was, good one.

I don’t like making New Year’s resolutions, but I think this year I resolve to do more in spite of the virus. Not talking about running around maskless amongst large groups of people. I want to plan more activities. I don’t want my life put on hold like it feels like it has been.

One activity is to get outdoors and to walk outside every day. So today I took a walk around the complex for about 30 minutes for a start. I was admiring the neighbors’ plants when I spotted a roadrunner perched on a fence. Before I could get my cell phone ready to catch a photo it had jumped down. I thought I had lost it when I saw him again so was able to catch a few quick shots. It’s hard to take photos will the cell phone in the bright sun because I can’t see anything in the viewfinder. But I did manage to get a couple.

January Saturday Roadrunner
And off he goes
Notice the name of the company. Is that a good omen?

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22 thoughts on “Hope For the New Year

  1. Cynthia

    Always good to read your blog. Those are a couple of good photos of the roadrunner. Enjoy your walks. We’ve had some Covid in the family although everyone was vaccinated. All 5 grandchildren, Tiffany and Michael Geier. Stay well! Love, Cynthia

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  2. Janet Alcorn

    He’s adorable! We made a similar resolution last year after moving to a new city during the pandemic. We’ve done fairly well, getting out to parks and natural areas and trying new restaurants for takeout. It’s not the same as the Before Times, but it helps.

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  3. Tena Carr

    I like the photo of the roadrunner. I’ve had similar situations of trying to take a photograph of something with the glaring sun and not being able to really see whaat I’m trying to take a picture of – a game of Aim, Shoot and Pray – LOL…. Ohhh and take several shots (pictures) in hopes that something works out good.

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  4. Julie

    I work in a hospital and now we are being asked to upgrade our mask. I work in an office in a hospital so I started for most of the pandemic with cloth mask before I was asked to change to the blue surgical masks. As two days ago, we have to change to an N-95 mask.

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