Tea Bag Wisdom

If we were having coffee, I would be having herbal tea. It is a habit I have developed after being advised to give up caffeine. The paper tab attached to the tea bags I use has sayings or words of advice printed on it. So, every morning I get words of wisdom with my tea. This morning’s selection said

Inner peace creates peace in the world

I do aspire to find inner peace since there is plenty going on in the world that makes me feel upset. Like reading about the ‘son of Omicron’ in the paper. I did read an expert’s opinion that it was not a son but a sibling. But whatever you call it, it’s not good. This kind of news keeps me up at night. It’s constantly being required to adjust to this pandemic on into the future.

On the local front, some indoor exercise classes have resumed here. Everyone is required to wear masks, but I am not ready to start up with it again just yet. I have lost my trust in the management here since they allowed people to go maskless in those same classes a few weeks ago and then they had an outbreak. I will continue walking outside for now. Walking does contribute a lot to my inner peace.

And so did harvesting our grapefruit tree this week. I did not realize how many grapefruit were on the tree because they were hidden from view by the leaves. We had over 50 grapefruit. I gave nine away so far to the neighbors, so only forty-one to go.

Some of our grapefruit harvest

Always glad to spot my roadrunner friend, too.

I like this photo because you can see his spotted feathers

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25 thoughts on “Tea Bag Wisdom

  1. Gary A Wilson

    Hi Deb.
    You nailed my ongoing feeling about this never-ending pandemic.
    I’m actually worse than you perhaps because I think a lot of our angst is being stirred up by our politicians and (far worse) our media. I’ve all be stopped listening to either because there is so much negative hype and very few trustworthy facts being shared.
    I don’t know how to navigate this mess to the truth, so I cobble together something that makes sense from some sources I do trust, like real doctors or people I know who work in medical care.
    It does not leave me at peace, but I think I have a better idea of what my ongoing risk is.
    Also, I have faith that this pandemic is under control.

    I want to be respectful but thought that sharing a song that gives me peace might not interest you but then thought even if you did not want to hear it, you would appreciate that someone cared to share something peaceful and that alone might give you some.

    It’s a Christian hymn named “It is well with my soul”.
    The words mean a lot to any Christian, but the story behind the song, for me is what gives it such power to sooth. The author lost his business in the big Chicago fire and later sent his wife and four daughters to Europe by ship. The plan was for him to follow on a later ship.
    But tragically, that ship collided with another and while his wife survived, he lost all four of his daughters. He did follow to join his wife and the captain told him when they were passing over the place where the collision occurred and this man, for the rest of the trip wrote this hymn and it has become a hugely popular part of many church worship services whenever a song promoting inner peace is desired.

    So, I snooped around some and from many many options for playing it, chose one that included the lyrics in case you wanted to read along while listening.

    It is a very Christian song but it comes to my mind whenever I feel tension and angst taking over. I offer it as an option you might enjoy.
    Perhaps you already know it and in that case would enjoy another artist’s version.

    In any case, here’s the link I found. If you scroll down, there’s spot with two buttons; one to download and a second to simply play this version. If you play it, you can then scroll down to follow along with the lyrics as interest leads.

    If you’re not interested in Christian music, I hope I’ve not offended, but this song really does the trick for me. I feel better about the day just for having listened to a few versions to find this one.

    Here’s the link if you are interested. I hope it leaves you closer to a sense of inner peace as it does me.


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    1. Deborah Drucker Post author

      That would have been a terrible loss for that man and his wife. I am not in despair, but it is discouraging and worrisome to have more variants threatening. Thank you for your support and I will check out the link. I hope we will both be looking back on these times in the not too distant future.

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  2. Susanne

    Your teabag is indeed very wise, Deborah! And how lovely to have your own grapefruit! I think I said the same last year when you posted about it.
    I can relate to not wanting to join the gym classes… what horror that they let people go maskless. Here everything has opened up and almost all restrictions are gone but I don’t feel happy about it at all! I don’t feel safe going to indoors whatever event/meeting and won’t do it until it feels safe enough…whenever that happens.

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    1. Deborah Drucker Post author

      I hear you. I can understand community leaders wanting to put all this behind us but in their eagerness to get past it they may be rushing ahead before it is really safe to do so. I know when the restrictions are over here, it will take me time to feel really safe again. Thank you, Susanne.

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  3. E.W. Bennefeld

    While I cannot go out walking, I do enjoy being physically active here at home. Started, this week, to work out a new daily ten-minute warmup routine, just for something different. (I really miss the citrus fruits, but I can still eat the apples and berries. Makes my mouth water! LOL!)

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  4. 🇪🇺 Bee H.

    Congratulations to all those grapefruit. I am a little jealous 😘. Wishing you lots of tea and walks to keep your inner peace. 🤗. Where do you get these tea bags from? What a great idea. Happy Sunday despite everything 😍

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