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Transport for Zonar 3

Sensors detecting transmission 3 solstar rotations ago, Tribune.

Orb 3 of it solstar you saying.

Yes, Tribune. We monitoring from small dwarf orb at edge of it solstar system. It signaling to our solstar structure at Zonar 3.

Transmission image by Ryan Somma

Transmission image by Ryan Somma

So indicating action you proposing, Centurion?

Yes, Tribune.  Transmission meaning techno evolving.  It understanding basic techno. We have needing, slave labor for completing Zonar 3 project. The Empress be pleased for completing.

The Empress

The Empress

Will causing insurrection, our native workers?

If causing we know how we eliminating.

Let us going forward. Transport the new slaves in from what calling…What do it calling orb?

Earta, Sir.

Such strange naming and such strange species. You say it walking on two legs?

Yes, Sir.

Will it adjusting to appearing are we?

If it not we having way to exterminating.

Desire we finishing Zonar 3 before we must the exterminating.

Our first transporting to occur this night. Our vessel approaching Earta now.

It not detecting the transport and be warning?

No, transport disguising and it naming  The Halloween Asteroid.

Strange, so very strange!, the Tribune’s mandible made a clicking sound.

The Centurion bowed and performed the ritual antennae touching with the Tribune.

Ancient Cave Painting

Ancient Cave Painting

Stream of Consciousness Saturday hosting by Linda G Hill

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Still Looking for Intelligent Life in the Universe

Has anyone else been following this story? A star has been spotted between the constellations of Cygnus and Lyra during a joint survey of 150,000 stars by the Kepler Space Telescope and amateur astronomers. They have been looking for signs of planets circling these stars. What is unusual about this star according to an article in the Atlantic, The Most Mysterious Star in Our Galaxy, is that there was a strange light blocking pattern seen that may indicate not a planet but a very large alien made structure or structures that are blocking the light of the star as it orbits around it. The SETI Research Center at UC Berkeley is planning on pointing a very large radio dish toward the star in January to see if they can pick up any electronic transmissions. This is scary to me because what if it is an alien structure and they get wind of us pointing our listening devices toward them. And then decide to see who is listening. Dr. Michio Kaku says that if this is an alien structure, it may be as big as our planet Jupiterand they are far advanced to our civilization. I think I am going to start wearing an aluminum foil hat.

Tin_foil_hat_2 via wikipedia

I was still hoping to see another form of intelligent life here on earth close up last weekend, whales. I was a bit disappointed in my whale watching expedition. I went out on a whale watching boat this past Sunday with my daughter. It was a beautiful sunny day off Monterey for the most part. We did hit some fog out at sea on the way back to Monterey Bay harbor. I had high expectations and I think that was the problem. I expected to see huge whales breaching right near the boat. I wanted to get fantastically exciting photos. I realize now that you do not get to see breaching whales close up every day and that taking a photo, from a boat that is moving up and down, of whales and other sea life who are also moving up and down and various other directions requires luck and probably the talent of a professional photographer and at least a camera with a telescopic lens. Our whale watching was originally planned for Saturday but was canceled by the tour company due to rough weather at sea. So on Saturday I attempted to find the Monarch butterflies and found some at the Pacific Grove Monarch Sanctuary. There were not many near ground level and I had to look through a telescope, assisted by a sanctuary worker, at the top of a eucalyptus tree. She helped me get a nice photo through the telescope as well.

One of the things I learned on the whale watching boat is when the guide sights a whale or other interesting sea life and calls it out, all the people go to that side of the boat and, unless you are fast, it is hard to get a good view. Like when he sighted a pod of orcas and a dolphin stampede. That’s right, I said a dolphin stampede. The dolphins were in the hundreds and were stampeding because they knew the orcas were around. The stampede caused a large patch of turbulence and some of the dolphins were leaping out of the water. Unfortunately some of them swam straight to the orca pod. Next the orca pod is chasing a dolphin and it did not end well for the dolphin. I am glad I did not see it all close up. Then we went out quite a distance in the ocean to off of Moss Landing. We saw some Humpback Whales, dolphins and sea lions there. We saw a whale in the distance do a partial breach, saw others spouting and some flukes. A dolphin popped up doing a partial breach, called spy-hopping, as well. Later we went to a different location and saw the orca pod again. The guide called the large male orca “Fat Fin.” This orca had already been identified by scientists. The whole trip was about 4 hours. This is a video from the Monterey Bay Whale Watch website. We did not have the owner or her dogs on our tour. Their research vessel was near us at the different viewing locations.

And here are a few of my photos:

This is my contribution to Stream of Consciousness Saturday hosted by the intelligent Linda G Hill.

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There Be Whales

I am off, driving up the coast on my trip to the Monterey Bay, California area, this weekend. I heard the reports that there are many whales and other marine animals in abundance there. Taking a whale watching boat to see for myself. There are a few species of whales I hope to see, Humpbacks, Blue, Orcas, and maybe some Grays. Will report when I get back. Due to the weekend of whale watching and possibly Monarch Butterfly watching I may not be posting my usual writing. Get back to you next week….

Stream of Consciousness Saturday hosted by the lovely LindaGHill

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The Arranged Marriage

PHOTO PROMPT © The Reclining Gentleman

PHOTO PROMPT © The Reclining Gentleman

Genre: Speculative Fiction

Zenarra thought the commute was worth it to have the beautiful natural landscape that surrounded her when she got home. She smiled to herself and sighed. She never thought she could be so happy.

She sensed his presence before she saw the headlights.  ” How did you find me, Jolar?” she said dejectedly,  ” Minat swore she would never betray me.”

” Those of royal blood have a sensor implanted at birth so that they can never be taken for ransom. You will fulfill your duty and marry Tomar with the next moon rising.”

Friday Fictioneers

Plein Air

She had a lot of time on her hands nowadays. Much more time than she had planned for. She had always told herself that if she had the time she would like to take up her art again. She hadn’t painted since High School when she was discouraged by one of her teachers from pursuing a career in art. It felt good to be doing it again. Once she got started painting she was in “the flow” like Mihály Csíkszentmihályi described it. She lost all sense of time and felt almost in a meditative state. She was barely aware of her surrounding except for the flower she was focused on capturing on her canvas. That was until she heard the sound from a TV news broadcast coming from the neighbor’s patio. Ashley Madison hack  predicted to have impact on many marriages. It already had an effect on hers. She had endured his emotional abuse for years thinking it was wrong to get a divorce. When she saw his name on the website she knew it was time to start her new life. She moved out last week after she withdrew all the money from their savings account.

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Hosted by Priceless Joy and Thanks to Graham Lawrence for the image above.

The Tree House

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

“She lived in a Mango Tree,” she heard the kids shout as they ran past the house. Her husband had built the tree house when their kids were little. This was where their kids spent many hours playing and even slept there on hot summer nights. She had been spending more and more time up in the tree house lately.

As she climbed the stairs she thought she heard their laughter. They shouldn’t be up here now, she thought, it’s time to get ready for school. The caregiver came to the house later that morning. When she couldn’t find Miss Grace in the house she knew where to look. She found her asleep on the old bunk bed. She woke the old woman saying,  “Miss Grace you know you shouldn’t be up here. You’re liable to fall and break your neck.”

The neighborhood kids would often sing out when running past her house, “There was an old lady. She lived in a Mango Tree….”

Mondays Finish the Story

Mondays Finish the Story