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Life Goes On

Still adjusting to life almost post Covid. Our governor just tested positive recently. Just when I was thinking of giving up my mask while in crowds. A question in an LA Times newsletter last week, ‘How has your life changed since March 2020?’ I would say my life is more internal. It still takes an effort to do outside things. Although, I have always had a more interior life being an introvert. I do enjoy solitude and solitary pursuits. My writing voice has been almost muted.

I have been slowly emerging, taking tentative steps. A book club meeting without a mask, a road trip to San Diego. Maybe I can write more.

When I look out my patio window, I see the nesting birds are returning. I see their forays to take bits of nesting materials up to the top of our patio door, just like last Spring. Life goes on.

Say’s Phoebe by Renee Grayson

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Off Again

If we were having coffee, I would tell you I am away visiting my son and family (including dog and cat), this weekend. There is a wedding we are attending tomorrow. I’ll be back next week. Have a nice weekend.

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‘New Zealand Wine’ image by Megan Eaves on (altered a bit by me).

Love Is In Da Blog 2022 February 6

My friend Bee of The Bee Writes is hosting a ‘very random challenge’ for February with a different prompt every day related to love. The prompt for February 6 is “A Love Song from an artist born on February 6.”

Natalie Cole was born February 6,1950. One of my favorite recordings of hers in ‘Unforgettable’ in which she sings a duet with her father’s recording of the same song.

This song is unforgettable via You Tube

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Pretty Sharp

These are some of my favorite ‘sharp’ things. I like having sharpened pencils to write with unless I am using a pen.  I have been working on these word scramble puzzles in the LA Times and I like to use a pencil to fill in the answers in case I need to erase.  The letters in words are scrambled and you need to determine the correct word and then solve a riddle, using some of letters from the words, the answer which is a play on the words. It’s fun to figure out the words and then figure out the answer, which is not always easy. Doing these word puzzles keeps your brain sharp. If I were to work on a math problem by hand instead of using a calculator, I prefer to use a pencil. It’s good to have sharpened knives to slice vegetables and meats. It is nice to look sharp in your clothes. Not nice to have a sharp tongue.

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Featured image of Eagle Pencil Co. trade card via Boston Public Library on


If Only You Believed in Miracles Baby

Let’s believe in miracles, baby.

Notes Tied On The Sagebrush

Do you believe in miracles? This was from my generation. But I think many of us lost some of our beliefs along the way somewhere. “If only you believed in miracles baby we’d get by….”

Jefferson Airplane via Vevo on You Tube:

Reblogging this post because I love the song and the founder of the group Jefferson Airplane and lead singer for this song, Mary Balin, just died 9/27/2018. This music still holds up today.

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I do not feel boisterous since I am getting over a vi-er-us. It was not the worst cold (and cough) I ever had but it was not the best way to spend the holidays. Felt like I was sitting out the holidays, literally. Not that I like a lot of raucousness and crowded parties. But it has been a bit dreary even for someone who likes quiet.

Just Jot It January. Today’s prompt word ‘boisterous’ is provided by Dan Antion of No Facilities. Featured image of ‘Owl’ by Mark Coleman on Flickr.


Resolved, not to make any New Year’s resolutions. A definition of Hermitage via Google “the dwelling of a hermit, especially when small and remote.” Well I am not a hermit but I would keep this promise to myself, to always have a small place where I can go to be by myself with my thoughts and maybe some books, even if it is an imaginary place. I will keep my hermitage.

I like the setting of this tiny house in the desert but would not like the transparency and it would be very hot in the summer. Have to have my privacy. January 2 is World Introvert Day. 🙂

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Something You Otter Know

Q: What do you call a group of resting otters?

A: A raft. To keep from drifting away from each other, sea otters will wrap themselves up in seaweed, forming something that resembles a raft.

Group or Raft of Sea Otters via U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

This is Sea Otter Awareness Week according to US Department of the Interior.  Click on the links and see more images and read 12 interesting things about our sea otters.


Featured image of Sea Otters in waters around Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska by Becky King of the National Park Service. Giff of Sea Otter from Monterey Bay Aquarium via

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Talk of Sealing Wax

“The time has come,” the Walrus said,
“To talk of many things:
Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax….-Lewis Carroll

In the BBC film version of Pride and Prejudice (1995), Mr. Darcy stays up all night writing a letter to Elizabeth Bennet in an effort to clear himself of unjust charges by Mr. Wickham. He seals the envelope with sealing wax stamped with his signet ring. This letter writing scene was not in the original book by Jane Austen. In Pride and Prejudice, letters were the way of conveying information from a distance. Or in Darcy’s case, a way to speak from the heart without speaking face to face. The people in the story had to wait to find out what was happening with their friends and family. There was no texting, emails, or phone calls. I remember, not so long ago, this was the way we communicated. There was something special about receiving a handwritten letter. There was the anticipation built up of when the letter would come and the excitement of its arrival.  There was noting the choice of stationary and the handwriting of the sender. Sometimes it could be hard to read some of the words depending on the penmanship. There could be cross outs. You saved special letters in a box. I remember I liked my writing to be clear and hated to cross out words so I would end up throwing out cards or paper and starting over. You wanted your lines to be straight inside and on the envelope, and you might pick out special postage stamps. I remember my mother in law, my husband’s aunt, and I addressing my wedding invitations by hand. For my daughter-in-law’s rehearsal dinner I picked out special postage stamps with images of wedding bands. I have a Montblanc fountain pen that I have to fill with ink. Texting or emails just can’t compare. How romantic to receive a handwritten letter sealed with wax with impression of a signet ring. I miss letter writing and receiving handwritten letters.


Stream of Consciousness Saturday is hosted by Linda G Hill. The prompt words are sealing/ceiling. Featured image of illustration from Pride and Prejudice by C. E. Brock via wikimedia. Image of letter with wax seal by Charlotte Gilhooly via Flickr.