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Hope And Spring

“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.”-Pablo Neruda

I have noticed that some of my rose bushes in the front yard are under aphid attack. I was busy pruning when I noticed a lady bug on one of the leaves. It was a bright red one with black polka dots. I stood there admiring it for several minutes and I said hello and thank you. I was thinking if a neighbor heard me talking to the lady bug they would think I was a bit crazy. I took the ladybug as a sign of hope.


Lady bug on a leaf by Alvesgaspar

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The Voice of Older Americans in an Age of Anxiety: Staying Visible

“Many older adults want to make a difference in the world but, finding no role for themselves, they often feel they are treated as socially irrelevant. ”
It is time for older adults to lean in. 🙂

The Radical Age Movement

the-invisible-middle-aged-womanLast month, the Radical Age Movement launched its first social action initiative; Age Justice: Getting Our Fair Share.  Age Justice seeks a society where all people, regardless of age and social circumstance, are secure in their homes, respected in their communities and workplaces, and provided the safety, dignity and respect to live full and complete lives throughout the lifespan, from the time of birth until our final years.  In today’s state of anxiety, we need to campaign so that ALL Americans get their fair share, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or religion.

Many older adults want to make a difference in the world but, finding no role for themselves, they often feel they are treated as socially irrelevant.  It is up to us to push back against this common age prejudice, and today we are presented with a rich opportunity to do just that.

We now find…

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Column: Places like Ghost Ship, site of the deadly disaster in Oakland, have kept us alive

There are no words to convey the heartbreak felt by those closest to the Oakland Ghost Ship warehouse fire.

Source: Column: Places like Ghost Ship, site of the deadly disaster in Oakland, have kept us alive

“They don’t understand why we don’t just live in a $3,000/mo. apartment where everything is safe and sterile and clean; why we live in a warehouse, or a garage, or an attic or shed or laundry room; why there is a mattress on the floor with a space heater where there normally would be a Queen size bed with a duvet and a nightstand and central heating.”

Interesting post on the Ghost Ship, young people, and not fitting into a box.

The Office Holiday Party

PHOTO PROMPT © Luther Siler

I was put in charge of decorations for the office holiday party so I went to check the storage room for the decorations we used last year.  There were none to be found for Hanukkah or Christmas. I asked my boss to explain and she said it was a new company policy handed down from the home office that mandated no holiday decorations that could be associated with any religion. All I found was a mechanical parrot that whistled the tune for the Macarena while moving its wings up and down. Maybe he could hold some mistletoe in his beak?

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Happy Hanukkah

600px-Latkes Image by Jonathunder in Wikimedia

Happy Hanukkah which begins tonight. The image of latkes is by Jonathunder on Wikimedia. Latkes are really delicious and there are many recipes for them. I like ones like the ones in this image. Grated potato with a little flour, eggs and some onion and fried in oil. You can find many recipes on the internet. I like them with a little sour cream on top. You can cook them ahead of time and freeze them for future use.

Classic Latke Recipe

This image is from the recipe page on Food

Hope you have a good week and a happy start to the Holiday Season.

The Job Interview

I parked next to the entrance and tried to ignore all the overgrown weeds. This was the first job interview in a long time and I was running late. Entering through the rusty doors I saw an elevator.  I pressed the button and the elevator doors slowly creaked open.  I hit the button for Main Lobby and the elevator started to drop down, down, down at a terrifying rate. I clutched the rail on the wall bracing for the inevitable crash.  It screeched to a stop and the doors opened to total darkness except for all those glowing red eyes. Hello, I’m here for an interview?

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