Transport for Zonar 3

Sensors detecting transmission 3 solstar rotations ago, Tribune.

Orb 3 of it solstar you saying.

Yes, Tribune. We monitoring from small dwarf orb at edge of it solstar system. It signaling to our solstar structure at Zonar 3.

Transmission image by Ryan Somma

Transmission image by Ryan Somma

So indicating action you proposing, Centurion?

Yes, Tribune.  Transmission meaning techno evolving.  It understanding basic techno. We have needing, slave labor for completing Zonar 3 project. The Empress be pleased for completing.

The Empress

The Empress

Will causing insurrection, our native workers?

If causing we know how we eliminating.

Let us going forward. Transport the new slaves in from what calling…What do it calling orb?

Earta, Sir.

Such strange naming and such strange species. You say it walking on two legs?

Yes, Sir.

Will it adjusting to appearing are we?

If it not we having way to exterminating.

Desire we finishing Zonar 3 before we must the exterminating.

Our first transporting to occur this night. Our vessel approaching Earta now.

It not detecting the transport and be warning?

No, transport disguising and it naming  The Halloween Asteroid.

Strange, so very strange!, the Tribune’s mandible made a clicking sound.

The Centurion bowed and performed the ritual antennae touching with the Tribune.

Ancient Cave Painting

Ancient Cave Painting

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13 thoughts on “Transport for Zonar 3

  1. JoAnna

    Scary, but excellent! I’m guessing the broken English is due to an imperfection in the translator device used by the humans who overhead this. I can imagine their reaction! Yeah, I’m staying in, too. Bravo, Deborah!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Deborah Drucker Post author

      Thank You Jo Anna! Well I was experimenting with the language because I did not think they spoke English. The reader was supposed to listening in on the conversation between the extraterrestrials. Maybe not a bad idea to stay indoors. 😉




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