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Born Before Women Had The Right To Vote Part II

I have been loving reading and watching about these women who were born before women had the right to vote. They inspire me and are great representatives of the oldest generation of Americans. Here via CNN on You Tube:

“Jerry Emmett was born six years before women had the right to vote. Today she’s 102 years old and is urging everyone to get to the polls.” (CNN)

Next Via WSB-TV Georgia, “98-year-old Faye Butler, who was born before women had the right to vote, voted for her first female president.”

And  again from CNN via You Tube “She was born before women had the right to cast a ballot so when early voting opened in Iowa, 103-year-old Ruline Steininger was one of the first in line.”

These stories uplift my spirits after all the negative news lately.

This Mema Rocks The Vote

Spotted this rockin’ grandma on Senior Planet. She has some good advice for us all.


But my one liner is from David Horsey of the LA Times:

“It is not as if the 2016 presidential election campaign needed a single plot twist more to make it the most bizarre series of political events since Caligula tried to appoint his horse as consul of Rome.”

He is referring to the latest revelations from James Comey about emails found on Anthony Weiner’s computer. And how it has disrupted the last week before the election.  I say Mema is right. We need to be sure to vote!

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I am so sick of hearing about Hilary Clinton’s emails and what is or is not in them. What is wrong with some of the Republicans in Congress with their endless investigations? And what is with James Comey announcing, on the eve of our Presidential election, that he is reviewing more emails? And what is with the Russian government hacking  into emails and trying to disrupt our election?  Maybe it’s time that communicating by email is out.

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Born Before Women Had Right To Vote

I discovered a great website  called,  I Waited 96 Years!, which features women, who are voting this year, who were born before women had the right to vote. I love reading these women’s posts about how they feel about voting for the first woman, to be nominated by a major party, for President. I wish I was able to directly reblog them but the best I could do was link to the site.

Image of Women’s Suffrage Parade from US Library of Congress on Wikipedia.