Born Before Women Had Right To Vote

I discovered a great website  called,  I Waited 96 Years!, which features women, who are voting this year, who were born before women had the right to vote. I love reading these women’s posts about how they feel about voting for the first woman, to be nominated by a major party, for President. I wish I was able to directly reblog them but the best I could do was link to the site.

Image of Women’s Suffrage Parade from US Library of Congress on Wikipedia.


5 thoughts on “Born Before Women Had Right To Vote

  1. Living in Mommywood

    Well being a woman of color and understanding that even after women were able to vote some still weren’t I am glad they have interesting stories to share but found the group was not very diverse. We have come so far yet still have so much more to go. Glad you shared this piece at Traffic Jam a sure conversation starter.

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    1. Deborah Drucker Post author

      Yes, I wondered how they found all the women. It may be explained on the site itself somewhere. I think the first woman was the mother or a relative of the one of the sites creators. I bet they would welcome diverse people who wanted to submit a post about themselves. To me I loved how it shows that older people are not all doddering and demented and still have a lot to say and still have brains to think about issues.




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