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SOCS-The Information is Out There

I first heard ” the information is out there” in a film series based on books by Robert B Parker, the Jesse Stone series. The character who said these words was Luther “Suitcase” Simpson who was a local police detective in a town called Paradise. After he had a brain injury from a gun shot wound, Luther would often come up with these mystical quotes. I love this film series and the cast of actors are just great in it.

This quote reminds me of Synchronicity which is like when information always seems to pop up for me when I have been ruminating about something. I just wrote a post about it yesterday in regards to weight loss called Synchronicity and the BMI.

Another issue that I have been struggling with is how current main stream medicine seems to follow a one-size-fits all mentality which usually involves relying on pharmaceutical treatment of many illnesses and does not consider a holistic approach like stress reduction, body work and meditation to augment the treatment of illness. I have experienced that the whole person is not considered and I am not seen as a unique individual. So up popped another article in my email about this very issue.

So I agree with Luther that when you are looking for the answer in the universe ” the information is out there” and it will be sent to you, sometimes in your email.