Corona Fatigue-What Day Is It Anyway? March 31, 2020

It is hard to keep track of the days and I find myself looking at my cell phone calendar. News today that San Francisco and Bay Area counties are extending ‘stay at home’ until May 1. The whole State of California will probably follow this soon. My husband and I are having trouble sleeping so fatigue is getting to be a problem. Part of the fatigue is from the undercurrent of tension as well. We lose our tempers much more easily.  So how will we all cope for 1 more month. Our little grandson visited in person from a distance yesterday with his parents. He couldn’t understand why he couldn’t come in the house or come close to us. I am not afraid of infection from him but afraid that we could be carrying it and give it to him. We are planning to get groceries delivered as much as possible. I do wash my hands after handling and putting away the groceries. Our city posted on their website that there is help for people who need it with pick up for grocery and pharmacy.

It is good that we have access to the internet and streaming media so we can read articles, books, watch movies, TV series, documentaries and blog. We can visit virtually with family. I can go out for walks or work in back yard. Have to focus on what we can do.

What Day Is it Anyway?, #WDIIA, a blogging community hosted by Linda G Hill

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Homebody-What Day Is It Anyway? March 30, 2020

We have the new directive from our government that we must extend ‘stay at home’ status to the end of April. Being an introvert I already spend more time at home than others and I am usually happy with doing so. But what makes this much less comfortable is the threat hanging over us and the sense that we do not know when it will end. In the near future, I feel dread about the predicted surge of cases and hospitalizations in California. Even if I am not infected myself I feel for other people’s suffering. And I am afraid for myself, my husband, children, grandson, and family getting infected. I don’t dwell on this fear but it is lurking below the surface. I feel tired and I think it is from the stress. Another thing is this constant message that older people are more vulnerable and will not do well if infected. I feel this can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. It does not bolster our immune systems to have this message of doom repeated over and over even though we should know we can’t take foolish risks either. I did survive cancer even though I was told the prognosis was not good. So I choose hope. I choose life. I choose that for all of us.

What Day Is It Anyway? #WDIIA, is a blogging community hosted by Linda G Hill.

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Cooler and Partly Cloudy-What Day Is It Anyway? Sunday March 29

It’s in the low 60s (Fahrenheit) today. Cloudy but the sun peeks in and out. Sunshine does make things seem brighter. Trying to maintain good hygiene and wash my hands and keep my hands away from my face. Periodically wipe off faucets and other handles like doorknobs with my handy disinfecting wipes. I don’t have a huge stock of them and right now pretty impossible to find more at stores or online. But I do have some disinfectant spray cleaners I could use as well.

I am not a big fan of housework and cooking but now am doing more of both. Not that I was going out to restaurants that much anymore before the ‘Corona times.’ What will we call this when it is over? I do a lot of dishes lately. We do have a dishwasher. So it’s a lot of loading and unloading.

Keeping in touch with family with calls and Skype. It is a good idea to use Skype especially for your family that may be more isolated. My younger brother is in a Nursing home and I am able to visit him with Skype.

How are you all doing?

What Day Is It Anyway? #WDIIA, is a blogging community hosted by Linda G Hill.

Ageism In The Time Of Coronavirus

Love my featured image posted on Facebook by The Radical Age Movement. An appropriate response to the suggestion that older people should be the first to willingly die for the economy and not expect any life saving interventions. It seems that these times of crisis can truly bring out the worst in some people who would suggest such things.

What Day Is It Anyway? blog community hosted by Linda G Hill.

Small Positives

My morning routine is to open my computer and review the news with toast and coffee on the side.  I spend more time with the news in the past week because of what we are enduring here. There is still a sense of unreality, what day is this, how long has thing been going on?  Recent sunshine encouraged me to get out and do some work in the back yard. something I can do while maintaining social distancing. I pulled up several dandelions and other assorted weeds, pulled out patches of dead woolly thyme, and trimmed back the low hanging branches of the Pyracantha. We discovered some unexpected residents near one of our front gates, a nest of bumblebees. I was a little wary until I read that they are not especially aggressive and will move out after a few months. I was excited to see bumblebees because I haven’t seen them in the yard for a long time and read that they are endangered. Some news this morning reminiscent of a dystopian movie, Coyotes are walking the streets in San Francisco 

I can hear a chickadee calling outside. The other day, my daughter and I had noticed some chickadees taking a bath in one of our planter pot saucers. She put some fresh water in it and left a few sunflower seeds too. One of the squirrels discovered the sunflower seeds and made quick work of them.

We had a Zoom virtual visit with our 3 year old grandson yesterday evening. That’s always a positive.

The hospital ship Mercy, with 1,000 beds, arrived in Los Angeles Friday and is ready to go.

Below some photos from the yard. You can’t see the bumblebees flying out from their nest because if I try to get close enough they chase me away.

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Distancing From My Grandchild

Grandparents have new challenges, distancing.

It is not always as easy as we would like to have time with our grandchildren. My little grandson, who was born premature, spent his early months in NICU where visits were limited to protect him and other children from infection during the flu season and just because he was fragile. After he went home, there were many professionals coming in and out and Nurses in the home. So a little Premie has a full social schedule already. Grandparents have to be patient and wait for the best times to visit. It has been easier as he has gotten older. He has been growing and getting stronger. He is walking and recently started preschool. Now something completely out of our control has happened, the Caronavirus epidemic.

My husband and I realize we need to stay away from our grandson because we do not want to inadvertently bring infection to him…

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Is Anyone Disposable?


The author of this essay is a rabbi who discusses what it is like to be in those vulnerable groups identified in this pandemic.

“Countless messages from my dentist, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and from my child’s playgroups tell me not to worry because it’s “only” chronically ill people and elders that are at risk of severe illness or death. More than one chronically ill friend has quipped: “Don’t they know sick and old people can read?”

I highly recommend reading the entire essay. I too am in this group and have felt the same that it is not great to hear how I am the most vulnerable and the odds are not good for me or my husband or my brother who has MS and resides in a Nursing Home. None of us is disposable.