Just Slow Down

If we were having coffee, I would tell you it was 97 F, feels like 94F per the weather forecast, at 10:30 AM today. I decided to take a chance on a walk outside. Told myself if it was intolerable the walk could be a short one. I was able to walk 30 minutes tolerably. Inspired by the NYTimes Newsletter post ‘Slow Down’ by Melissa Kirsch about slowing down and mindfulness. It talked about just observing and not feeling like you need to take a photo. Oftentimes, my photo does not capture so well what I am seeing anyway. If I saw a roadrunner, I may have made an exception. I did see a little woodpecker and watched it for a bit. I did not want to disturb it as pecked its way around a tree. First woodpecker I’ve seen here.

Ladders-backed woodpecker by Beverly Mosley on Flicker.com

On my walk it was relaxing to just enjoy the view.

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10 thoughts on “Just Slow Down

  1. trentpmcd

    I did a few walks and paddles without my camera this weekend. it was strange for me, and I almost regretted it a few times, like when the seal came up right next to my kayak, but over all glad to observe instead photograph… I’m glad you made the exception for the woodpecker – nice shot.

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    1. Deborah Drucker Post author

      I know exactly what you mean, because I have been out without my cell phone and missed photos, but I liked the suggestion in the NYTimes post ‘Slowing Down’ that we should just try to enjoy whatever we are looking at instead of worrying about catching a photo. When I am out looking for photos for my blog I do find that the walk is not as relaxing or meaningful to me. I must point out I did not take the photo of the woodpecker. I did put the attribution below the image. It was from Flickr. My woodpecker was not posing for me either.

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  2. Janet Alcorn

    Sometimes it really is nice to just observe and be in the moment without a camera. Other times, looking for the perfect picture helps me notice details I might miss otherwise.

    Love the woodpecker pic! He’s adorable, and there’s something mesmerizing about the texture of the tree bark.

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  3. kirstin

    That sounds like a really good article. It’s so true about slowing down and not even feeling like we always have to document or photograph what we see, because Like you said, a photo never truly captures what our eye sees.

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