Don’t Say Boo

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I need an extra cup today because I did not get enough sleep last night. I’m feeling pretty grouchy as well. I woke up in the middle of the night to a pitch black room. It was creepy because I could not see a thing. What if there was someone hiding in the dark? After a bit, I told myself it was more likely the power was out. I turned toward the window on the opposite side of the bed and saw some light coming through the blind. The room was warm and it felt like there was no air, so I decided to get up and crack open the blind and window. I carefully walked over and opened the blind, then slid one side of the window open. I thought I saw a flashing light in the neighbor’s back yard and wondered could it be lightening or a fire. I groped around on my nightstand for my cell phone and clicked on the screen. This gave me some light to go into the living room and check out the house and neighbor’s yard. No more flashes from next door and our house looked normal. No one lurking in a corner or sitting on the furniture. I went back to the bedroom and there was more light in the room now from outside, but not enough to see well walking to the bathroom. I was concerned about my husband getting up and falling. When he did wake up a short time later, I informed him of the power outage and escorted him to the bathroom with my cell phone. He told me the flash lights were in the garage refrigerator. So I thought it best I be the one to go into the dark garage, with my lighted phone, to get the flashlight. It was pretty spooky to be in the dark like that. If someone said ‘boo’, I would have screamed my head off. Another spooky thing. My bedside clock radio was off during the power outage, but after the power came back on several hours later, the clock was showing the right time. Usually, it would have lost those hours, been way behind, and the dial would be flashing. I told my husband we must have a ghost. Or could I have been dreaming?

I plan to have flashlights in both of our nightstands from now on just in case.

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22 thoughts on “Don’t Say Boo

  1. John Holton

    I use the flashlight in my phone, which I guess is also the flash for the camera, though I’ve considered getting a plain old flashlight so I’m not tempted to look at my phone in the middle of the night.

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  2. JoAnna

    You were brave going into the garage! Maybe your clock radio has some kind of digital time keeper connected to wifi. Yeah. That’s it. 😉 I hope you sleep well tonight and have sweet dreams.


  3. Tena Carr

    We (at least use to) keep a flashlight by either side of the bed (mine and hubby’s) plus we have a few on our fridge, the rest are outside in the “man cave”. Anymore we both have our phones (which include a flashlight function) on our bedside tables, at night, and keep them pretty well charged up…. Plus there’s still the other flashlights – we just don’t have them by our beds anymore. Thankfully the power came back on…. They really aren’t any fun, even when prepared for them.

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  4. sixlittlehearts

    We get power outages at our home constantly too. It is so frustrating trying to remember which appliances and lights were turned on prior to the outage. We have a good stock of candles and batteries on hand.

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  5. AdventurousAngela

    Power outages always make me so nervous, even if it’s during the daytime! 😆 If I had a husband I would probably make him go check it out! 😂 I’m glad you didn’t run into any ghosts!

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