If only I could snap my fingers and everything would be right with the world. It feels like it has been way too long that we have been living with the pandemic and all the unwanted changes it has brought to our lives. It can be hard to see when it will end. My husband and I got our COVID booster shots this week. Have to keep telling myself that infection rates are dropping.

I noticed that the grapefruit on our grapefruit tree were green for the longest time. I thought it was because there was some kind of stress or infection and the tree wasn’t able to produce normal fruit. Just this week I saw that the fruit is starting to ripen. I researched it and found out that it takes the tree 6 months to grow the fruit. It takes a good amount of time, but it will all be as it should in the end.

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13 thoughts on “Patience

  1. Dan Antion

    Very little happens at the snap of a finger. Good things are worth waiting for. Nice thoughts, Deborah. I hope you have a good weekend and enjoy those grapefruit when they ripen. I’ve never had a fresh grapefruit.

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  2. Susanne

    That’s great with some good news about your grapefruit tree! At least something in the midst of the Covid chaos. I’m glad you’ve had the booster shots. I’m still waiting for news about boosters for people like myself, (I’m risk group, but not high risk) people over 60 are getting them now. This situation is so miserable and it’s so hard to keep hope for something better.

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    1. Deborah Drucker Post author

      It’s a long slog through. Here they are opening access to people 50 and over with pre-existing conditions or risks. I know we are fortunate to have vaccines available and there are large parts of the world who haven’t had access to their first vaccine. It is unknown territory that we all have to live through with this virus. We are seeing infections rates dropping here. We just hope it will be sustained. We do have to come out of this eventually. There are good things still.




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