Directions For Life

‘Apply product all over hands until dry’ and you will be protected from coronavirus. Maybe if you drink it you will be cured according to our President. ***Please don’t drink hand sanitizer or any other chemicals made for disinfecting your hands or surfaces.*** I do not feel like babbling on about how great I am doing during the pandemic and all the great home projects I have going like some people. I hate this pandemic. I hate that careless people allowed it to escape into the world and hurt so many people. Am I supposed to understand that people eat bats or whatever way this has been unleashed on us all. My brother tested positive for coronavirus. F**k coronavirus.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday, #SOCS, is hosted by Linda G Hill. Today’s prompt is  “directions.” Find a household cleaner/bottle of shampoo/something in the freezer/anything you can find with instructions on it, then copy down a single direction (just one) on how to use/cook/etc. your chosen thing, and make it the first line or word of your post. Then keep writing whatever comes out. 

Featured image, ‘Ocean storm near Cape Lookout’ by Dee Brausch. Oregon Dept. of Transportation on

9 thoughts on “Directions For Life

  1. rolandclarke

    Oh f**k the virus. I pray your brother pulls through. This virus makes me feel helpless. Is praying any use? My wife says, we have to do the walking for him/her/it/them – the deities and spirits. I’m sending love and hope in case those help.

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  2. Cynthia Diament

    From what you said earlier, I’m not surprised he tested positive for C-19. Hopefully it will be mild and he can get the new approved drug. Thinking of you and wishing everyone well, especially your brother. Love, Cynthia

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    1. Deborah Drucker Post author

      I have been worried and just hope that he will come through this infection. I spoke with him on Skype today which was good. He is hanging in there. Thank you for prayers/support. ❤




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