Go Deep

I need to reach deep into myself to gather my strength. Part of me wants to turn away, to hide. Is it a defense that automatically turns on to protect my heart from pain? But I feel I must bear witness, to see and hear what others are suffering, to honor their lives. I see you New York, New Jersey, Detroit, New Orleans, Georgia, Washington, my state of California, my country.

We must be in this together.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday, #SOCS, is hosted by Linda G Hill. The prompt word for today is ‘deep.’

Featured image by Gerd Altmann on Pixabay.com

16 thoughts on “Go Deep

  1. dawnkinster

    I agree, but I’m wondering about those that are now out of work, maybe with kids to feed, maybe they were the only wage earner in the family. I have heard some of them don’t feel like “we are in this together’ and are tired of seeing it all over the TV as they feel very much alone. I think we need to find those families without resources and help. If everyone who has enough found one family that does not and helps…this time would be easier to get through.

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    1. Deborah Drucker Post author

      Yes have to make sure they get relief. Many mayors and governors have enacted laws that no one is to be evicted and mortgage lenders are giving forbearance for payments. People are supposed to get the checks from the government soon. Local mayors and community organizations could reach out to those in their communities who need assistance and they should.


  2. JoAnna

    I am inspired by your courage and compassion, Deborah. It’s natural to want to escape. I need to continually balance self care and bearing witness of worldly events. Take care and stay well.

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