Oh Yeah Yeah

Oh, yeah, yeah it’s been quite a week. A big start to a new year. ‘Fasten your seatbelts’ or duck under your desk kind of times. I want to forget about much of it already. It’s just that I get obsessed watching You Tube videos of what news people are saying about it all. War and Impeachment, and all in the first 2 weeks. Looking for things that distract me or that I enjoy. So retail therapy, looking for bathmats. I am into bathmats lately. And I bought 2 new mystery books. I opened one to get the first 3 words for this post. I have a new computer. Nothing encourages buying a new computer like being told your operating system is no longer being updated. All the talk about Window 10 being bad and I wondered if I would have a hard time adjusting, but so far it has been fine. The face recognition feature is pretty cute. I have one on my cell phone too. I have to take off my glasses so it will recognize me. Now I’m in the system so I could be paranoid about the government having my image. I hope we don’t have those kind of surveillance systems but they could be on the horizon. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday, #SOCS, is hosted by Linda G Hill. The prompt for today is to “Grab the closest book to you when you sit down to write your post. 2. Open it to a random page. 3. Locate the first complete sentence on that page. 4. Use the first three words of that sentence to start your post, then take it from there–write whatever comes to mind. ”

Featured image is ‘Facial Recognition’ by Mike MacKenzie on Flickr.com

5 thoughts on “Oh Yeah Yeah

  1. Bette A. Stevens

    Oh,yeah, yeah! 🙂 Working on my new Windows 10 computer now… I’ve cleaned up my old one (Widnows 7) in hopes of using it for apps that were previously purchased by me (i.e. InDesign), but will not load on Windows 10. Hope that works, since i’m not into renting apps that I only use occasionally at exorbitant monthly fees. HAPPY 2020!

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    1. Deborah Drucker Post author

      I hear you, Bette. I started to download some of my documents and photos from my old computer onto a disc but stopped for now. I think I will do it bit by bit. May end up keeping some stuff on my old computer as well. Happy 2020 to you too! xo

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  2. JoAnna

    I’m glad you got a new computer. I got a new computer right after windows 10 came out. There’s a lot of stuff on it that I don’t use. I don’t know if I have face recognition. Don’t want to know. But you have fun!




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