A Tureen is a Pretty Pot

Tureen- a large, deep, covered dish. A noun from the French word terrine, feminine of terrin or of the earth. An earthenware dish. (Dictionary.com)

covered container, sometimes made to rest on a stand or dish, from which liquids, generally soup or sauce, are served at table. The earliest silver and pottery examples, dating from the early 18th century, were called terrines or terrenes (from Latin terra, “earth”), which suggests a pottery origin for the form. Most tureens are crafted in a bowl-like shape that has been influenced by the decorative conventions of their time, but novel pottery types, in the form of realistically modeled animals and vegetables, have also been popular.” (Encyclopedia Britannica)

I usually serve soup right out of the pot on the stove into bowls for holiday dinners or everyday eating. I have not served soup or stews out of a tureen on the table. It would be another large serving piece to store and wash. In recent years, when I do host any holiday meals, I like to keep it simple. It is because the preparation and cooking is an all day affair, (unless I order take-out 🙂 ). After I am done with prep, cooking, serving, eating, visiting with guests and family, I am tired. The clean up can be exhausting if I am using my good china and crystal which I like to hand wash. I think a soup tureen would fall into the category of hand wash. Especially if it were a pretty china one.

But I can admire pretty tureens and I love fresh soups.

Sunset Magazine online has some quick recipes for soups:

Thai Chicken Coconut Soup



16 thoughts on “A Tureen is a Pretty Pot

  1. summerstommy2

    As a male I have to say I agree with you about old style pots and tureens. Having inherited from my mother and she from her mother I have some pieces and pots that I particularly like even though a few are somewhat more decorative than practical.

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    1. Deborah Drucker Post author

      What a lovely gift. When I was doing a bit of quick research on tureens I was several different kinds. A swan, a rabbit and a head of lettuce. I think in the past people entertained differently. There are still tureens for sale today though.

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  2. shanjeniah

    I didn’t used to enjoy soup, but, as I get older, I’m loving it more. My favorite is French onion, and I like it cooked in its own little crock…no tureen needed. These are gorgeous, though! =)

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  3. LifestyleswithLia

    Lovely post! You reminded me of my mom’s soup tureens. She has a pretty porcelain one for fancy soups like boullaibase and a cabbage shaped tureen that she uses for minestrone etc… They’re so elegant, both of them…
    Thanks again for posting this!

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