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Tribute to Leonard Nimoy: Donate To A Good Cause and You May Be in the Next Star Trek Movie

Spotted this on Yahoo Movies. The cast of Star Trek Beyond is mounting this campaign to raise funds for worthy causes in memory of Leonard Nemoy. This week the donations are to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Nice idea. If you contribute you can be eligible to be in the new Star Trek movie coming out next Summer.

SOCS-Mind Meld

I love Star Trek and all the alien species who populate the series. Some of the aliens are the Klingons, the Vulcans and the Ferengi. I suspect some of our corporations and Wall Street may be run by Ferengi.  The Ferengi think profit is supreme and they have several rules they live by called The Rules of Acquisition.  One of these rules is never put family before business. Even though the Ferengi are pretty funny they are not my favorite characters.

One of my favorite characters is the Vulcan Mr. Spock. I was sad when the original actor,Leonard Nimoy, who played Spock recently passed. He was so great in the role I was skeptical, when the new Star Trek movies were coming out, that a new actor could fill the part as well. I think Zachary Quinto has done it. Something Spock was known for was “the Vulcan Mind Meld.” He employed it when other forms of communication failed or when he wanted to have a meeting of the minds with humans or other species.

Here are a few Mild Meld scenes via Russ Hany on You Tube entitled Don’t Forget Mind Meld:

Spock and another character Dr. McCoy were often at odds with each other. Dr. McCoy did not like that Spock was so unemotional and stubbornly logical. In the new Star Trek films the relationship continues the same.

Via Lostzilla 847 on You Tube:

And I can’t leave out the Klingons via Beau S :

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