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Hawk Seeks Shelter In Hurricane



Reminds us that there are other living things that are threatened by this severe weather and there are people there to lend a helping hand. Great story in The New Yorker about people coming to the rescue of stranded people with private boats, The Cajun Navy. In this New Yorker post there was a story about “nursing home residents in chest high water,” that was very upsetting. I saw today that there was a group of Assisted Living Residents who were rescued and I am thinking it was them. Let everyone be rescued.

AARP will match donations for victims of Hurricane Harvey up to $1 million.



Swift Water Rescue Has Your Back

For my Stream of Consciousness Saturday post I decided to write about a local stream, the LA River. Our prompt today is to use the word “back” in our post.

The Army Corp of Engineers created a cement channel for much of the LA River. The process is called channelizing. This was meant to control flooding. What happens when we have a big rain is the river turns into a bullet train of water as it races through the channels like a gigantic water slide. Invariably some foolish, careless or uninformed people decide to go down to the river and are swept away. The LA Fire Department has a Swift Water Rescue Unit that will come to the rescue. People have died in past years despite desperate rescue attempts. Here is a  story from the LA Times about the rescues from the recent storm which includes some video.

The Ventura County and LA Fire Departments, Police and Sheriffs Departments and the officials of other Southern California communities have been busy with a swift water rescue of 2 people, evacuating people from their homes and rescuing people trapped in their cars in mud slides along the Pacific Coast Highway.

In all these life threatening situations our Fire Departments, Police and Sheriff Departments really have our backs. We need to be aware of nature and potential threats in our environment and stay away from natural water channels, creeks and rivers during or after storms.

Video via news10d You Tube of Firefighters getting ready for rescue: