Hawk Seeks Shelter In Hurricane



Reminds us that there are other living things that are threatened by this severe weather and there are people there to lend a helping hand. Great story in The New Yorker about people coming to the rescue of stranded people with private boats, The Cajun Navy. In this New Yorker post there was a story about “nursing home residents in chest high water,” that was very upsetting. I saw today that there was a group of Assisted Living Residents who were rescued and I am thinking it was them. Let everyone be rescued.

AARP will match donations for victims of Hurricane Harvey up to $1 million.



9 thoughts on “Hawk Seeks Shelter In Hurricane

      1. Deborah Drucker Post author

        I saw earlier it is supposed to move out to sea and then come back in. It is terrible. Also saw a news report about the Red Cross. They are up and running very well right now. Seems like the hardest is getting to people that are stranded. Very scary.

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  1. luckyjc007

    Such an awful thing to happen, but thankfully there are people out there helping other people as well as animals.It’s such a frightful thing to experience and I’m sure it is worse for children.

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