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Iraqis Join the River of Migrants

In the New York Times today, A New Wave of Migrants Flees Iraq, Yearning for Europe, but some talk of coming to the US.

Mr. Hattam said he hoped his journey ends not in Europe but in the United States, where, he said, “even the dogs live well.”

He explained what he meant by telling a story an Iraqi friend living in the United States had recently told him. The friend, he said, had gone to the supermarket and left his dog in his car with the windows up on a hot day. A police officer, seeing this, scolded him, and told him he was putting the dog at risk.

“That means they even respect the dogs,” he said. “Even the dogs have rights in America.”

Secretary of State John Kerry plans to brief members of the House and Senate Judiciary committees on Wednesday about how many Syrian refugees the U.S. is willing to take in.

 ….a spokesman for the National Security Council said Monday the U.S. was “actively considering” steps to alleviate the situation in Europe, where more than 340,000 people from the Middle East, Africa and Asia now have arrived. Beyond Syria, many are also fleeing parts of Iraq that are under the Islamic State group’s control. (AP)

Finally, there may be a glimmer of light at the end of this very long tunnel.

Kerry, Lawmakers to Discuss Refugee Crisis


US Leaders Have Been Mainly Silent About Refugee Crisis

Mike Barnacle   in his post on the Daily Beast,   “As Thousands Die Trying to Reach Freedom, Where is the US?,” brings up a good point.  He says, “The US used to be beacon for those looking for a better life. Right now the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world is just a news clip.”  In the post he goes on to talk about the people is his neighborhood, when he was growing up, being from countries all over the world. Those people had escaped from the ravages of war to make a new life here.

“America provided things that form the foundation of who we used to be: the prospect and potential of hope, mercy and freedom for strangers who came carrying not much more than a determination to survive in a big country with a bigger heart. The question is: Who are we now?”

And I have been thinking the same thing. Why are our leaders so quiet about this crisis?

SOCS-Light in the Darkness

I could not write about something all light and airy. I did not feel like writing at all. The world has been too heavy and dark this week. I hope there can be light after seeing the images of the continuing humanitarian crisis from the Middle East into Europe. People desperate to escape, with their families, from all the war and terrible oppression. The terrible image of a dead child washed up on a beach in Turkey. Scenes of people trapped in a Hungarian train station blocked from traveling on into Europe. The hope is that maybe now the world will start to work on better solutions. A glimmer of light is that Germany and Austria have opened their boarders. Hungary has allowed the refugees to take the bus out of their country. I don’t get the distinction from taking a train but it is better than the refugees being held in some camp or prison. I noticed that Huffington Post Canada has a list of organizations that people can donate to for the refugees. I looked for a similar list for the US and found one on Today.com . Hillary Clinton, during a recent interview, called this a global crisis and “the entire world now sees doesn’t just affect the Syrian people; it affects all of us.”

It does affect all of us and we can not close our eyes. The Washington Post has several articles on this topic. One is a story about a Syrian family making their way to Austria with the help of smugglers, called The Black Route.

Sometimes I don’t think things can’t get any worse.

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