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Hope And Spring

“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.”-Pablo Neruda

I have noticed that some of my rose bushes in the front yard are under aphid attack. I was busy pruning when I noticed a lady bug on one of the leaves. It was a bright red one with black polka dots. I stood there admiring it for several minutes and I said hello and thank you. I was thinking if a neighbor heard me talking to the lady bug they would think I was a bit crazy. I took the ladybug as a sign of hope.


Lady bug on a leaf by Alvesgaspar

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The Messenger

“Man is a messenger who forgot the message.” –Abraham Joshua Heschel  (1907-1972)

In my dream an angel spoke to me, Remember the message. It is for mankind alone to bring to the world. You have forgotten because of all the suffering you have experienced and witnessed. All your earthly experiences have distracted you. You have forgotten the message you were brought into this world to deliver. This was your message, Man must care about the earth and all its creatures, all life. Turn back from the shadow before it is too late.”