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The Galaxy Trees

Zenarra was homesick for the home world. She loved her new home in the  beautiful Valley of the Moon but she missed the Galaxy trees that bloomed at night on the full moon rising of Lunaris. There was nothing like it here. It was strange that she, a princess, was a fugitive from her world. She fled to escape an arranged marriage to Tomar. It had been arranged at birth between their parents, the leaders of the two most powerful clans. Her flight has caused a great outcry and accusations of fraud by the Clan Dorcha.  Minat sent Zenarra a message from her mother, the queen, begging her to return. The queen feared a war could erupt at any time and asked her to fulfill her duty. The prospective groom was a degenerate whose cruelty was legend. Zenarra would return not to become a bride, but to lead an army.

moon-625450_640  Moon Warrior via Pixabay


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers is hosted by Priceless Joy. Images provided by Pixabay.com

The Beacon

The little lighthouse was now the refuge for tired sea birds on their long journeys across the ocean. It’s light is dimmed as it’s candle has fallen into disrepair. Once it’s beacon had shown brightly and was a welcome sight to lonely ships navigating the rocky coast. It had prevented many disasters and saved many lives. Let our lives be a refuge and friendly beacon to others traveling on the stormy sea.

This post is in memory of Barbara Beacham in collaboration with Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.

The Germ Gang Takes a Vacation

The Germ Gang decided they needed a break from the Anti-bacterial War. They were not feeling the love. They realized that some of their kind were pretty dangerous but they were just the easy going ones. They were getting a bad rep. So they decided to visit their cousins who lived in the forest and snack on some dead plants and insects and maybe a few mushrooms. They hitched a ride on a raccoon who was raiding a garbage can. The Germs really enjoyed the change of scene and visiting with their distant cousins. They took a quick photo before heading back to the city on the backpacks of some hikers.

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers hosted by Priceless Joy. The image is provided by Etol Bagam.


The Greatest Gift

Anbu had struggled to make his farm prosperous for his wife Aasha, yet he was barely scratching out a living. He had been unlucky in another way. He and Aasha were unable to have children. In a desperate attempt to succeed he had given his last few coins to buy a few game birds hoping they would breed and their offspring would bring a good price at the market. He had gone out to feed his small flock when he was transfixed by a magical sight. A beautiful white peacock stood in the middle of his flock and fanned its tail. He couldn’t wait to tell Aasha. This bird would bring a great price at the market. That was when he heard the peacock speak. If you spare me from the market I will bring you a greater prize. Anbu told himself he must be crazy but he kept the white bird. That spring his wife gave birth to a daughter. They named her Aashirya.

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers hosted by Priceless Joy

The Love Mobile

Robin always said that when her Love Mobile finally quit working she would settle down, where ever that happened to be. It broke down in Santa Fe outside a small gift shop that was owned by a man called Sam Raveneyes. A Help Wanted sign hung in the window. She felt drawn into the shop as if an invisible cord was reeling her in. From the moment their eyes met there was a recognition of the two spirits. They had met in a long ago time. I have been waiting for you, Sam whispered. He had said aloud what she felt in her heart. She knew she was home to stay and so was the Love Mobile.


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers is hosted by Priceless Joy. Love Mobile image via pixabay.com

Lost Lovers Mine

I came to Angel’s Camp to work as a printer’s devil for the Calaveras Gazette. I first saw Meili at the local laundry owned by her father. Her beautiful smile won my heart. Soon we were in love and talked about a new life together. A marriage had  been arranged to a wealthy San Francisco merchant when Meili was a little girl. Her parents planned to take her to The City when the pass cleared of snow. We left late at night planning to hide out in one of the old abandoned mines in the back country. The trackers found our bodies down in the shaft where we had fallen. The old timers say that they can hear us calling to each other late at night out at the old mine. They call it the Lost Lovers Mine.

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers is hosted by Priceless Joy. Angel image provided by Sonja- Only 100 Words.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Needs a Break

This Halloween season has been especially exhausting for Buffy the Vampire Slayer ever since the vampires joined forces with the zombies. Buffy knew how to dispatch a vampire without breaking a sweat. But these zombies were another story. How do you kill the living dead? She could hear them pounding on the castle doors as she tried to collect her thoughts. She looked up and, as her eyes caught the flicker of the candle flame, an idea sparked in her brain.  I think I still have some of those old flame throwers in the dungeon that Granny picked up from the Army Surplus Store. It’s a good thing I listened when she told me not to throw them out. She said I might need them someday. Granny you were so right!

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers hosted by Priceless Joy. Image above by Pixabay.

Ghost Monarch

The chemical manufacturer representatives swore to the Congressional Committee that there was nothing to worry about. All these claims by environmentalists that their chemically altered corn seed would be a death knell for the Monarch Butterfly were just voodoo science. No validity to them whatsoever. People started spotting the Ghost Monarchs during the next year’s migration. Their wings were bleached of color and looked ragged. The butterflies barely had the stamina to make it to their usual wintering grounds. Their pale carcasses were found littering the ground at the Monarch Sanctuary.

My contribution to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers hosted by Priceless Joy. Image by TJ Paris.

Last Minute Getaway

I received the notice by email,  “Last chance to get away in 2015. Great cruise deals to Mexico.” I had not heard of this cruise line before.  They must have gotten my email address from other travel companies I have used.  The price was too good to pass up. It was better than showing up at my dead end job on Monday. It would be great to see the beach at Cabo. I called in sick and booked an exterior cabin. I took the motion sickness pill my friend recommended before embarking. I woke up in my cabin late that night. I had slept through the Special Welcome Dinner and was starved. Maybe there was still a snack bar open somewhere on board. I was walking on the deck when I saw a dark figure ahead. “Hello,” I called out timidly, ” do you know where I can find a late meal?” He turned around slowly and said,  “No, but now I know where my next meal is coming from.” Are those fangs?

This is my contribution to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers hosted by the gracious Priceless Joy. Image courtesy of Sonja-Only 100 Words.

Max the Magnificent

It was the night of grand premiere at the Odyssey Theatre.  Max told her there was nothing to worry about. He had perfected the illusion. She was perfectly safe. Lilou wanted to trust him. Him with the beautiful dark eyes. She had fallen for him the instant she met him at the bistro. It was time for Max’s most famous illusion, The Shrinking Woman. Lilou took her position. The orchestra played the dramatic fanfare. Max proclaimed his intention of making Lilou disappear and to have her reappear in a small cupboard on the table. He waved his wand and recited the spell, ” d’ici a la bas! ” Lilou vanished in a pale blue cloud. Max opened the cupboard, “Voila!” Lilou daintily stepped out and curtsied to the crowd. She was only six inches tall. The audience erupted into loud cheers and applause. The curtain closed. When are you changing me back? Lilou wondered out loud. Regrettablement, I have not mastered the reverse spell,  Max frowned as he placed her in the chest with the others.

This is my contribution for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers hosted by the lovely Priceless Joy. Image courtesy of Etol Bagam.