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The House On The Lake

She had dreamed of that big house on the lake. The only problem was what she had to give in exchange for her dream. She had to marry a man old enough to be her grandfather.

Bunnie noticed a change in her husband since they moved to the lake. His sexual appetite and endurance has increased. She was pleasantly surprised by this but it seemed as his energy increased hers did the opposite.

She had barely started her morning jog when a sharp pain in her knee  made it almost impossible to walk let alone run. The doctor told her she would have to stop doing any high impact exercise. This might delay the surgery for awhile.  Bunnie responded  sarcastically,  “What do you mean a total knee replacement. I am only 25 years old, not 52!

The nurse whispered to the doctor,  “Who does she think she’s kidding. Did you see how young her husband looked? He could be her son. ”

“I think it is early onset dementia,” the doctor replied.


Plein Air

She had a lot of time on her hands nowadays. Much more time than she had planned for. She had always told herself that if she had the time she would like to take up her art again. She hadn’t painted since High School when she was discouraged by one of her teachers from pursuing a career in art. It felt good to be doing it again. Once she got started painting she was in “the flow” like Mihály Csíkszentmihályi described it. She lost all sense of time and felt almost in a meditative state. She was barely aware of her surrounding except for the flower she was focused on capturing on her canvas. That was until she heard the sound from a TV news broadcast coming from the neighbor’s patio. Ashley Madison hack  predicted to have impact on many marriages. It already had an effect on hers. She had endured his emotional abuse for years thinking it was wrong to get a divorce. When she saw his name on the website she knew it was time to start her new life. She moved out last week after she withdrew all the money from their savings account.

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

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Night Rider

He had drawn the night watch. Twenty years herding cattle for so many spreads, he couldn’t remember all their names. He now rode for the Lazy Z. He hadn’t liked the owner from the time he signed on, but he was flat broke and couldn’t be choosy.  Mr.Gage was a green horn from back East. He did not understand the importance of getting the most experienced cowboys and having enough horses on the drive. He was trying to get off cheap, but would find out the hard way when he lost a good part of the herd on the trail. They should be changing horses more often during the day instead of overtiring them. The horses were always loyal to their riders and gave them all that was asked. Tom looked sadly into their eyes, ” Ok boys, whose going to ride with me tonight? ”

What You Can’t See

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”           —Henry David Thoreau

She was glad the rain finally stopped as she took her dog for a walk.  ” It’s just a pile of rags,” she explained to her companion. Her dog strained at his leash and whined. “Calm down boy! ” she said a bit louder as they drew closer to the mound.  She didn’t want to look too closely fearing…what? Why was she afraid of a pile of rags. She was determined not to let anything spoil her vacation. Tired of reading all that disturbing news. What could she do about it? It didn’t affect her. Even the President hadn’t spoken a word about it while he was on his trip. If he didn’t care why should she? She was looking forward to reading the latest romance novel that had been recommended in her favorite magazine. “Hurry up, boy! ” she almost shouted as they scurried past the little body in the sand.