The Galaxy Trees

Zenarra was homesick for the home world. She loved her new home in the  beautiful Valley of the Moon but she missed the Galaxy trees that bloomed at night on the full moon rising of Lunaris. There was nothing like it here. It was strange that she, a princess, was a fugitive from her world. She fled to escape an arranged marriage to Tomar. It had been arranged at birth between their parents, the leaders of the two most powerful clans. Her flight has caused a great outcry and accusations of fraud by the Clan Dorcha.  Minat sent Zenarra a message from her mother, the queen, begging her to return. The queen feared a war could erupt at any time and asked her to fulfill her duty. The prospective groom was a degenerate whose cruelty was legend. Zenarra would return not to become a bride, but to lead an army.

moon-625450_640  Moon Warrior via Pixabay


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24 thoughts on “The Galaxy Trees

  1. Etol Bagam

    I really like this. Especially in the context of having introduced my kids to star wars, causing them to talk about it almost all of the time. Sorry if you don’t like the reference to star wars, but on my current context, I couldn’t help but think of it. ;o)

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  2. afairymind

    It sounds like Zenarra managed to dodge an unpleasant future by fleeing her home world. I hope her army manages to defeat the evil prince – though maybe she needs to wear a little more armour than she has on in that picture! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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