Where Were You When…

This week leading up to the date there have been many stories in the news about 9/11. I could say it is hard to believe it has been 20 years ago, but I know time can pass quickly and memories recede. People often say things like ‘where were you when’ some historic event happened. When the event is traumatic, part of me wants to push it away. That is how it is with 9/11. I can tell you at the time I was living in Southern California and that made me feel insulated because it happened across the country from me. I know it would have been much worse if I lived in New York City or Washington, D.C. My memory is of the morning it happened. I was home on sick leave. I was going through a personal crisis with the loss of sight in my right eye. It was due to an inflammation of the optic nerve and after several weeks my eyesight did return. But at the beginning it was very stressful. I’m not sure if we had the news on or my husband came in and told me to turn it on. We saw the video of the plane flying into the first tower. Then the second plan hit the second tower. I remember how unreal it looked, like a scene from a movie. Later news reports told us of the attack in Washington and the passengers who helped crash Flight 93 so the terrorists couldn’t crash the plane into the Capitol. I followed the news and read the accounts of the people who lost family members or were badly injured. Life changed here with the heightened vigilance about more terrorist attacks. We were drawn into wars. It was a dark time.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday, #SOCS, is hosted by Linda G Hill. The prompt word for today is ‘where.’

16 thoughts on “Where Were You When…

  1. dawnkinster

    I was at work. One of my employee’s teenage kids called her and told her and we thought she was just a confused teenager, because what she was saying couldn’t be true. This was before we had phones with internet or access to outside news at work.

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  2. Susan Scott

    I was very shocked. My elder son who was home from school on a half term called me to come and see. I thought it was a movie he was watching but it clearly wasn’t. I was about to set off to Hospice as a volunteer for the evening shift and I could tell by the expressions of fellow drivers on the road that they were deeply shocked. O what an awful time that was.

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