ZZ Trivia

Many ‘zz’ words are in the category of onomatopoeia, words that come from a sound associated with the thing they represent. Words like buzz, fizzy, sizzle and then my examples fizzle out. There used to be flavored soda drink tablets called Fizzies® that you dissolved in a glass of water and voila you got a glass of soda. They made a fizzy sound while melting. An abandoned health resort in California near the Majave National Preserve was called Zzyzx. Curtis H. Springer picked the name because he wanted it to be the last word in the English dictionary. That designation has been taken by zyzzyva in many dictionaries. You may wonder what is a zyzzyva? It is a South American weevil and a literary magazine based in San Francisco. It would be nice to be published in the latter.

Zzyzx Rd exit sign by Vezoy via Wikimedia.org

Stream of Consciousness Saturday, #SOCS, is hosted by Linda G Hill. Today’s prompt is ‘zz’, a word that has ‘zz’ in it.

Featured image of a ‘Zyzzyva’ via Matthew Fang on Flickr.com


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