Easing Up Slowly

We have been on ‘stay at home’ status for how long? Time feels lost in another dimension. I don’t feel like I have been stuck in a cave, because I can go out in my yard or around the neighborhood without fear. And I don’t think our Governor or health officials should cave in on their rules for re-opening our state.

California starts to open up. Now we have to decide when we feel comfortable going back into society. We can now go out for curbside pick up at more businesses, and lower risk workplaces can re-open.  Los Angeles County does have the highest number of cases in the state. Closer to home we received an email from one of our local stores telling us one of their employees tested positive for coronavirus. Just in case we get lulled into a sense of false security, it is still out there. Dr. Barbara Ferrer ,the LA County Public Health Director, says ‘expect to see more cases as we open up.’ it is still out there.

To the protestors who do not want to follow any precautions in places that still have outbreaks I say, ” Do you live in a cave? Are you not watching the news about all the people dying, ( and not all are elderly with pre-existing conditions). Have you not seen the Nurses and Doctors and other healthcare workers on the news talking about the hell it is in their communities and hospitals? ”

I can tell you from personal experience that Nursing Homes are still being impacted right now. My brother resides in one and has contracted the virus. He has been holding his own. Communication with him has been difficult. We can talk by the facility portable phone for short periods and he has Skype on his computer but the wi-fi has been spotty. The Nursing Home has started to get a good system going for scheduling communication with family now.

We are advised not to get together with our families for Mother’s Day. We will all celebrate together when this is over.



For a little help relaxing from Santa Barbara Botanic Garden on You Tube:

Stream of Consciousness Saturday, #SOCS, is hosted by Linda G Hill. The prompt word for today is ‘cave,’ use it as a noun or verb.

Featured image ‘Joshua Tree National Park’ photo by Christopher Michel on Wikimedia.org



11 thoughts on “Easing Up Slowly

  1. JoAnna

    I’m thankful your brother is holding his own and hopefully improving. I know he appreciates being able to see your face and talk to you even if it’s hard for you to hear. The video for the forest in the botanical gardens was refreshingly and beautiful. I didn’t know there were redwoods so close to LA. May they grow tall for more than a thousand years.

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  2. Janet Crum

    Supposedly Arizona is reopening at the end of this week (I think). But where I live, it seems like it already has. Last weekend there were hordes of people at popular trailheads, in the stores (with no masks), all over the place. I know quarantine is hard on people, but the lack of concern for others is really disturbing. Fortunately my workplace isn’t pushing us to come back to the office, so I’m going to stay home awhile longer.

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    1. Deborah Drucker Post author

      It feels unreal that we are still hearing that ‘stay at home’ should continue. I understand how people want to get back to freedom. I am not ready to go out without precautions either but a part of me would like to go off on a trip. I was thinking even if we went somewhere all the restaurants would be weird with people wearing masks. Or we would end up exposing ourselves to infection. It will be hard to go back into society.




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