Small Positives

My morning routine is to open my computer and review the news with toast and coffee on the side.  I spend more time with the news in the past week because of what we are enduring here. There is still a sense of unreality, what day is this, how long has thing been going on?  Recent sunshine encouraged me to get out and do some work in the back yard. something I can do while maintaining social distancing. I pulled up several dandelions and other assorted weeds, pulled out patches of dead woolly thyme, and trimmed back the low hanging branches of the Pyracantha. We discovered some unexpected residents near one of our front gates, a nest of bumblebees. I was a little wary until I read that they are not especially aggressive and will move out after a few months. I was excited to see bumblebees because I haven’t seen them in the yard for a long time and read that they are endangered. Some news this morning reminiscent of a dystopian movie, Coyotes are walking the streets in San Francisco 

I can hear a chickadee calling outside. The other day, my daughter and I had noticed some chickadees taking a bath in one of our planter pot saucers. She put some fresh water in it and left a few sunflower seeds too. One of the squirrels discovered the sunflower seeds and made quick work of them.

We had a Zoom virtual visit with our 3 year old grandson yesterday evening. That’s always a positive.

The hospital ship Mercy, with 1,000 beds, arrived in Los Angeles Friday and is ready to go.

Below some photos from the yard. You can’t see the bumblebees flying out from their nest because if I try to get close enough they chase me away.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday, #SOCS, is hosted by Linda G Hill. The prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “beside you.” Write about whatever is beside you when you read this prompt.

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12 thoughts on “Small Positives

  1. Cynthia Diament

    I always enjoy your writings. Thanks for the glimpse of your day. I especially liked all the photos of your yard. Spring is here! Be well, love, Cynthia

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