Submissive Female Robots

I have been following these reports about the robots that have been designed to look like beautiful women. Dave Barry and Matt Drudge have posted about this as well. One is a copy of Scarlet Johannson, which creeped me out enough. Couldn’t she sue the inventor for stealing her image? But now the second one, who looks Chinese, holds her head in a submissive manner, and addresses her male creators as “my lord.” There was a recent post on by Jennifer Seaman Cook, “From Siri to sexbots: Female AI reinforces a toxic desire for passive, agreeable and easily dominated women”

My lord, indeed!

Featured Image from Ex Machina movie by Kanijoman on Flickr. In the film Ex Machina the female robot kills her creator.

12 thoughts on “Submissive Female Robots

  1. luckyjc007

    This is disgusting beyond measure! It’s bad enough that many women in this world are treated so badly, but they have a mind and can fight back. However, the robots are programed and they will have no power except for what is given to them. (guess what kind of power the women will have! ) This is very degrading to women.

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