Doris Roberts, Raymond’s Mom, Dies

Beloved TV character actress and multiple Emmy winner Doris Roberts has died at age 90, a family spokeswoman told reporters Monday night. ( via Washington Times)

Source: Doris Roberts dies at 90

I loved Doris Roberts in the role of Marie, the M-I-L, in Everybody Loves Raymond. Doris, as Marie, would always make me laugh. Don’t tell anybody but she reminded me of my M-I-L. And her daughter in law on the show was named Deborah! I am sad to hear she is gone.

10 thoughts on “Doris Roberts, Raymond’s Mom, Dies

  1. luckyjc007

    She was a great entertainer. She loved her job and had fun doing it. That’s probably why she chose to continue working right up to her death. Nice that she died in her sleep and did not have to suffer a long illness.

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  2. Yolanda Renee

    We loved her! So much of what happened on ELR reminded me of my Mom and older brother. Very similar relationship! 🙂 He announced he was moving to Arizona, and within days she had decided to go too. A woman that had lived in the same place almost her entire life. All our jaws dropped, especially my brothers, but it was the look on his wife’s face that we’ll never forget! 🙂
    Such a funny lady, Doris!

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