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Sex And Marriage With A Robot

This is disturbing to me because the robots depicted in the short video are very machine like. I could not imagine having one for a mate. How do you feel about this? I just watched an old episode of Star Trek TNG last night, ” The Measure of a Man,” which is about the android, Data, and how we define what is sentience. Data is so “human-like” that it is easy to relate to him as an individual and envisioning friendships and relationships for him. What kind of personalities would these future “robot-mates” have? Would they be so totally compatable with us, be like mirror images, our twins? Would they never chose to disagree about our choice of restaurants, movies, activities….Just kind of wierd.


You may not believe this but it’s just a matter of time that some of our children, or grandchildren, will take a robot as a life partner. In fact, at the recent Love and Sex with Robots conference in London, industry experts predicted that human-robot marriages will become commonplace by 2050.

You can read all about it here.The New York Post just did a story about this. While many of us consider The New York Post to be a rag, they do have unique and bizarre stories that eventually come true.

Make sure you watch the video too.

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Submissive Female Robots

I have been following these reports about the robots that have been designed to look like beautiful women. Dave Barry and Matt Drudge have posted about this as well. One is a copy of Scarlet Johannson, which creeped me out enough. Couldn’t she sue the inventor for stealing her image? But now the second one, who looks Chinese, holds her head in a submissive manner, and addresses her male creators as “my lord.” There was a recent post on Salon.com by Jennifer Seaman Cook, “From Siri to sexbots: Female AI reinforces a toxic desire for passive, agreeable and easily dominated women”

My lord, indeed!

Featured Image from Ex Machina movie by Kanijoman on Flickr. In the film Ex Machina the female robot kills her creator.