Indescribable Beauty

There are many indescribably beautiful natural sights in my home state of California. I am not a flowery writer who can speak poetically in my description. Even if I were, I think the beauty is so great that words can not do it justice. One of the natural wonders that come to mind are the coastal redwood groves off the Avenue of the Giants in Northern California. The trees are so big they give you the impression of being in a prehistoric landscape. Some of the trees there are thousands of years old. They are resistant to insects and fire but are threatened by the wind effect that has been created by the new freeway that was put in near there. Some of the trees are getting blown over. Another indescribably beautiful sight is the view from the coastal Highway 1 on a sunny day. The section between Monterey/Carmel and Cambria are particularly magnificent but I like the view between Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay as well. If you get a chance to visit San Simeon take a look toward the ocean from atop the hills there. The Hurst Family has kept a large swath of land from the castle down to the ocean free from development by giving the land to a nature conservancy. Thank you Hurst family. That is the Hurst family of William Randolph Hurst, who was a wealthy newspaper owner. The classic film Citizen Kane was supposed to be based in part on his life. And the castle I am talking about is Hurst Castle in San Simeon.  Highway 101 from Ventura and up the state to Salinas allows a view of soft rolling hills dotted with oak trees and nowadays acres and acres of vineyards have popped up along the highway. The Salinas area is called “the Salad Bowl of the World.” This is where so much produce is grown. Near Santa Cruz you will find fields of artichokes. The original wine country in Northern California is another favorite, with Sonoma and Napa counties. Sonoma has The Valley of the Moon. Jack London lived there. Who wouldn’t love a place called The Valley of the Moon. I had a chance to visit the city of Healdsburg in Sonoma county not too long ago. Wine is a major product in California all up and down the state. I did not think Sonoma could hold any more vineyards and then I saw the vineyards around Healdsburg, as far as the eye can see. San Francisco is where I was born. It holds a special place in my heart , a jewel of a city. There are some pretty nice views there as well looking down from Nob Hill to the bay. A well known San Francisco Newspaper columnist from the past said of San Francisco:

“One day if I do go to heaven…. I’ll look around and say, It ain’t bad but it ain’t San Francisco.” —Herb Caen

I’ve only scratched a very small surface with my descriptions, I have left out many places like Yosemite ,(a famous national park), Sequoia National Park, Mendocino, Santa Barbara, San Diego, La Jolla, and oh well you get the idea. There is just too much to cover in my stream of consciousness and in one small post.  I  hope you will get a chance to visit my beautiful state of California someday.

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Here’s a drones eye view of San Francisco by danesdrone that I have posted previously:

There is another beautiful city that we are all thinking about and hoping they soon heal from the terrible recent events. I have not had the privilege of seeing beautiful Paris but hope I will someday.

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24 thoughts on “Indescribable Beauty

  1. JoAnna

    Reblogged this on Loving Me, Too and commented:
    The coastal redwoods are at the top of my bucket list. Sometime within the next 10 years, I hope to give this gift to myself…maybe I’ll go through Utah and New Mexico to get there, but I believe the redwoods will be the climax. I appreciate Deborah’s recognition of Paris in this post, too. Paris, a city of such love and light, you and your people are in my prayers. I see angels surrounding you, bringing more love and more light…

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      1. kimicalreaction

        I remember the first time I went to San Francisco. I was wandering around on Fisherman’s Wharf and found a small boat taking people out for cruises on the Bay. I couldn’t come up with words to describe the beauty of everything around me, and appreciated the irony of my major in Journalism.

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  2. jetgirlcos

    Thank you for your beautiful photos! I adore California, particularly the northern parts…I had the luck to be based in San Luis Obispo for several months about 10 years ago and I fell in love with it! ❤

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  3. AmyRose🌹

    I’ve been neither to San Fransisco or Paris. My chances are slim for either yet, I truly would love to see both. Through your eyes I enjoyed so much a part of this country I have never been. Some I ohhhhh’ed out loud as I just drank with hungry eyes sights I wished I could see myself. Thank you so much for this post. *sigh* ❤

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