Mood Indigo

We don’t always have to be perky bunnies, do we? We can have low times. I am not talking about Depression. Because full blown Depression is not a mood to luxuriate in. I read an essay The Case for Melancholy  by Loren Stover, which had some good points. That there is this big push to be Happy :)))))  all the time and if you are not then you can read an article in Huffington Post, and just follow these 3 easy steps, and find your bliss.

There is something to be said for quiet, down days, when you can take it slow and think deep thoughts, or take naps, or watch old romantic movies, or read old romantic books, and recharge your batteries.

Stover says Happiness is overrated and bit much for us to aspire to continually, “Happiness, like the sun, is ridiculously bright, a hope you can never live up to, or even look at straight on.” At least not all the time. I am grateful I have experienced joyful times and some happiness but not continually. That would probably be a little weird, like Stepford Wives.

Her advice: “Should melancholy descend, you may as well welcome it, wear your finest lounging outfit; give it your finest fainting couch or chaise to lounge in, or that hammock stretched between two elm trees. Let it settle in….and no running shoes under any circumstances.”

Yes, no running shoes. No braggy, happy face of you on Facebook completing your 5 K or whatever.

A little quiet music:

Via DavidFarandWide on You Tube:


via evie 1942

and via disc 070s

What are your thoughts?

20 thoughts on “Mood Indigo

  1. morgaine620

    well, I suspect dealing with depression or melancholy is as individual as each person who experiences it. For some, the running shoes do the trick for some the couch and thinking deep thoughts. I have experienced both as helpful 🙂

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    1. Deborah Drucker Post author

      I have read that to combat depression it helps to get moving. And people have to decide what works for them. I think what the author of article was saying too is to accept our feelings instead of this goal of being happy all the time. I think I can be blue without being in a real depression. Also, to accept ourselves with all our moods. Don’t see them as a failing.

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      1. morgaine620

        Yes for me it is even worse as I have flexible shift work. That has such a bad effect on my mental health. I can send you a reminder if you want to 🙂

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      2. Deborah Drucker Post author

        Because your hours are always changing? That is hard to adjust to and schedule things. I think I am ok if I get into a routine gradually. Life always seems to get in the way lately but I am working on it.

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      3. morgaine620

        Yes, my working hours change all the time and even though I tried to get set hours since years they say they can’t due to the need of the business. Which is fair enough but it doesn’t help me to stay well and go to work.

        I so know what you mean with life getting in the way. Sending you some healing energy and prayers

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