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Doodling Introvert

I really like the comics by Marzi the creator of Introvert Doodles. I follow her on Facebook and can really relate to her comic drawings about what it’s like to be an introvert. There are so many cute, and funny ones. I saved one recently that I will share. It is a bingo game and I could relate to most of these squares. Yes, I have been guilty of sniffing books. I like new ones with quality paper and binding. Heavy quality paper smells better than cheaper stuff. Take it from me, a paper connoisseur.

Let’s see what others on this bingo card I am guilty of doing:

  • Can name a book that changed my life..probably several
  • Know the head librarian of my local library by name ( Nina)
  • Read until the sun comes up ( and the morning dew)…many times with a good page turner
  • Wept over tragic plot twist..many times
  • Posted a review
  • Spent a lot on books ( Barnes and Noble, Amazon) trying to get them from library now.
  • Joined a book club
  • Used emergency book marks
  • Own signed copies
  • Tried to write a book ( just starting to try short story)
  • Recommend books
  • Secretly judged someone’s literary tastes ( sometimes)
  • Follow authors
  • Fell in love with a character ( Darcy)
  • The “book” was better ( many times)

Marzi also writes about mental health issues like anxiety. She always make me smile and laugh.

Marzi says on her website that I can post up to 10 of her cartoons on my blog but I need to link back to her website and mention her books that are on sale. So to give her her due, I have already pre-ordered, ( did you notice this is another square on the bingo card?) her latest book The Introvert Activity Book and hope to spend some quality time with it.

Do you relate to anything on the Bookworm Bingo card?

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is hosted by Linda G Hill. This Saturday my friend Dan Antion of No Facilities is filling in as host. The prompt words for today are: Do/Dew/Due. To see the rules click on the link. Featured Image of Doodle by Amy M Lavine on wikimedia.

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