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McGuffins Are Not Just In Novels

There is “high jingo,”as Harry Bosch would say, involved in the Clinton investigations by the FBI. Something fishy in their culture if we are to believe some of the stories coming out about about agents with a big hard on for Hilary Clinton. I am not talking about sex. It bothers me because politics is not supposed to be involved in police investigations but like Harry said about the LAPD in his story there seems to be “high jingo” here.

Another interesting aspect is the McGuffin plot device of the “emails.” This theory was advanced by Neal Gabler,  Alfred Hitchcock explains James Comey, the Media and 2016’s ‘McGuffin’….that the emails are a McGuffin, a plot device, objects to build a whole controversy around, that are virtually without any real meaning. Per Gabler:

“This has been true of the Clinton emails since the beginning. It was always something of a hoax — a new chapter for a hungry media juicing its audience. Not one in a hundred voters can tell you the awful crime Clinton was supposed to have committed or why it matters. Not one in a hundred — and I would include journalists — have any idea of what really went down with these emails, as I discussed in an earlier post that highlighted the one reporter, Garrett M. Graff of Politico, who actually did something it appears no other reporter thought of doing: read the FBI’s summary account of the investigation.”

I am always disappointed and disillusioned when I read about “high jingo” influencing justice and the truth in fictional stories and real life. And I really hate the state of much of the media which satisfies itself by creating scandal where there is none. When it uses McGuffins and tabloid journalism instead of working at honest reporting.

This post is for Stream of Consciousness Saturday hosted by Linda G Hill. The prompt for today is “novel.” Featured Image is “At Breakfast” by Laurits Andersen Ring. I am usually perusing the news nowadays on the internet every morning instead of in a paper. It wasn’t that long ago when we enjoyed reading the paper.