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Hot and Cold in Sunny LA

Hot it is not, cold it is neither, but 72 degrees is cool for Southern California at the end of Summer. Happy that on the first day of Fall it feels and looks a little like Fall here, with cooler weather, a few clouds, and some recent predictions of possible showers. My pyracantha has green berries which will turn red-orange as it gets closer to winter and some of the Heavenly Bamboo’s leaves are turning red and its berries are going from green to some tinges of red. Squirrels and birds like the pyracantha berries when they are ripe. The Brazilian Pepper trees leaves are barely starting to change colors. There are clusters of peppercorns on these trees and birds will eat them later in the year. It usually takes until winter for all of our trees to change colors and lose their leaves. The purple sage plant is doing really well. The hummingbirds really approve of it. We have had a couple of visiting rabbits who have nibbled a bit around the edges of the ground cover but the woolly thyme seems to be holding up in the front end of the garden. The African Fern Pines will not change color or drop all their leaves even when it’s cold.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is hosted by Linda G Hill. The prompt words for today are hot/cold and extra points for starting with one and ending with the other.  🙂  Rabbit photo via Pixabay.com Featured image of succulent in my front yard that is changing colors.


Goodbye Summer

Today is the Autumn Equinox or the first day of Spring depending on which hemisphere you live in. Since I live in the Northern Hemisphere, it is our first day of Autumn or Fall. Today does feel a bit cooler here in Southern California, 74 degrees in my neck of the woods. We will probably have another heat wave soon so this may be our one true Fall day weather wise. Our trees still have green leaves but I am celebrating Fall in spirit.

I am reminded of another thing. Day light savings time will end soon. Remember “Fall Back.” Oh, joy! Another hour of sleep!

Featured image via Public Domain.