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Coin Operated

I remember staying in a motel, with my future husband, on a road trip where they had these coin operated massaging beds. I swear the label on it said something like “Cyclo Massage” and I tell you it felt more like a jerking earthquake and not too relaxing either. For many years we had our own joke about cyclo massage. I noticed in this image that the company address is in Pismo Beach, Ca. where ” home models are available. ” Be still my heart! Pismo Beach is not too far up the coast from us. Did you know A. Pismo Clam was the name of a character in The Bank Dick, a W.C. Fields film? In that film W.C. Fields’ character is Egbert Souse (pronounced Soo-say).

Just a little trivia inspired by the prompt “coin” for Stream of Consciousness Saturday hosted by Linda G Hill. Featured image of Massaging Bed control by Kenji Ross on Wikimedia. Vote image by Pixabay.com

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