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Finding Peace

I have been looking for ways to cope with stress caused by the current crisis in the world.  I don’t meditate but do like some short Buddhist meditation prayers. Music is soothing for me. I have been listening to some of my calming CDs before bed and I have been able to sleep better. I enjoy nature even in my backyard. One of my local museums, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, has #MuseumMomentofZen, with relaxing images and videos. Here are some below:

Boston Harbor, Sunset by Fitz Henry Lane via LACMA American Art

“May you be held in compassion

May your pain and sorrow be eased

May you be at peace”

What Day Is It Anyway?, #WDIIA, is hosted by Linda G Hill.

and # Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2020

Buddhist meditation on Compassion from ‘The Wise Heart’ by Jack Kornfield



‘Ce que le bourgeois est convenu de nommer une petite distraction’ by Honoré Daumier (1846) via LACMA

Needing some distraction from stress. Like stress from negative stuff in the news or in my own life. For instance, I read today that the leader of North Korea might want to celebrate the anniversary of his nation by firing off a nuclear missile. And I have read before that he would like to be able to hit the US, and that his missiles may have the capability to hit the West Coast of the US. I live on the West Coast of the US. Besides the negative news, like many people, I have personal frustrations and worries. Some of my coping strategies, not necessarily in this order:

  • Reading online and books
  • Read comics in LA Times, like one of my faves, ‘Mutts’, or ‘Introvert Doodles’ on Facebook
  • Read horoscope
  • Binging on Netflix or Amazon videos
  • Watch DVDs from our home library or the public library
  • Go out in my small backyard garden, (except when I see woolly aphids, regular aphids, or spider mites on my plants)
  • Tate’s Gluten Free Ginger Zinger Cookies
  • Wine
  • Chocolate
  • Writing/blogging
  • Looking at nature, sky

How do you cope with stress? What would you add to my list?