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Be Present

I hear this a lot these days, ” Be Present.” Which means be in the now. Don’t live in the past or worry about the future. Stay focused on what is happening in the moment. I have read books about this philosophy and can agree it is good to be aware of what is going on around you in the present. If you get too caught up with worries about the future and distractions or brooding about the past your present life can just pass by without you being there.

I have experienced being in the now or being mindful of what I am doing. There are times when I am very relaxed doing a mundane task like washing dishes and can just be focused on that simple act and not be thinking of so many other things that have happened or may happen in the future.

Blogging has been a distraction for me recently. I am reading so many posts and trying to be mindful of what the author is communicating. It becomes a distraction from my own life when it is consuming a bit too much of my day.

Today I had a respite from the blogging world. The electric power was shut off in our area due to work being done by the utility company. Even after the power was restored to my house our internet service was disrupted even longer. I did not want to use my cell phone battery up to go online.

Besides that  I have been fighting a cold and so felt I should just rest and take some herbs. I did something today I haven’t felt like doing much of lately because I have been reading so many posts. I actually sat down and read a novel. If I get into a book I can finish it in one day and that is what I did today. I read a new book by Jodi Picoult called Leaving Time. It is a mystery about a young teenage girl whose mother disappeared and she wants to find out what happened to her mother. I really enjoyed getting back to reading a book again.

That was my way to be present in my life today. I took a break from the internet, drank special herbal tea and took my herb tincture, rested and became more engaged in my “normal” everyday life.

I hope to enjoy a different present tomorrow. As part of my birthday present my husband and I are going to drive up to Santa Barbara. It is not far from where I live and part of the drive takes you along the ocean. It is a beautiful view. The distance is just right for a day trip.

I will be easy to be present to enjoy a present like that.