Black Moon

If we were having coffee, I would tell you there will be a New Moon tonight or a Black Moon. This is the second New Moon this month. Along with the Black Moon there will be a partial solar eclipse. I have not noticed that the phases of the moon affect me. I have read that some believe the New Moon can cause decrease in sleep, increase in creativity, promote hair growth, and can represent new beginnings. I wouldn’t mind a thicker head of hair. Do you think the phases of the moon affect you?

Weekend Coffee Share is hosted by Natalie at Natalie the Explorer.

Featured image of Black Moon via NASA.

14 thoughts on “Black Moon

  1. Susanne

    I’ve never heard of black moon! Very interesting. I think the only way the moon affects me is that when it’s full moon it shines into our bedroom like a flashlight, and it’s usually high tide when my husband drives to town in the morning so he has to take another road.

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    1. Deborah Drucker Post author

      You would definitely be made aware of the full moon with those changes. Reminds me of the film Moonstruck with Cher and Nick Cage. A really good movie if you haven’t seen it.


    1. Deborah Drucker Post author

      I would like to try to do it although I have read it is hard without a telescope. That is interesting, the way the full moon affects you. I love the harvest moon, when the moon is closer to earth and looks huge.

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  2. wideeyedwanderingspoonie

    I tend to be more affected by full moons than new (dark) moons, although in retrospect, last month’s black moon and eclipse did mess with my communication skills, big time. 🙂 Fab image and I’m lovin’ the NASA website, thank you for the inspiration!

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