Least Favorite Word

The Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt is ‘least favorite word,’ use the least favorite word in your post.

This is a hard one on the spur of the moment and because I love words. Words go in and out of fashion. Word snobs rub me the wrong way. I am democratic in my acceptance of words unless they are crude and derogatory toward others. That being said I can think of one word I am not fond of. Not so much that it is a ‘least favorite.’ The word has become very popular in recent years. The word is ‘awesome’. I would hear it over and over, like ‘you’re awesome’, or ‘that’s awesome,’ or just plain, ‘Awesome!’, as an exclamation. Even if I see something to which the word would apply, I would not say ‘Awesome!’ Or maybe it’s because people use the word so liberally for so many things that aren’t really awesome.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is hosted by Linda G Hill.

12 thoughts on “Least Favorite Word

  1. beth

    like you, i love words of most all kinds, it’s hard to come up with one, but i agree, overuse of words, tends to make them unlikeable. mine would be the overuse/wrong use of ‘literally.’ as in:
    “i was literally just….. when ……” and often nothing to do with literally.

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